By Jake Espinoza. Photography by Tim VanBergen

Jordin Lynn is kind of a celebrity in the world of WOHM, so we thought we’d take the time to see what she has going on this holiday season.


What’s your Christmas usually like?

My Christmas is usually filled with a lot of family fun activities. Now that I have my baby girl my Christmas has turned into a Holiday all about her; which I love! The Holiday gives me a good excuse to spoil her out of control. :) My Mother is known for her amazing cooking skills and that definitely comes into play this time of the year!

Any crazy traditions?

My whole family gets together on Christmas Eve, and we eat a ton of food and watch movies and spend quality time together. Drinking comes into play around this point, so it gets pretty comical towards the end of the night. We each open 2 presents Christmas Eve.

Do you have a favorite present you’ve received from a boyfriend? What are you asking for this year?

I have received many amazing presents from previous boyfriends. :) My favorite where all the designer purses & jewelry! Any girl loves jewelry. This year I’m not asking for anything, spending it with my little girl is the best gift I could ever receive!

I desperately want an iPad 2 though…

So an iPad 2. Nice! Favorite Christmas album?

My Favorite Christmas Album would have to be some old school Mariah Carey. She is a beautiful talented women, and her Christmas music always gets me in the mood for Christmas!

In the mood for CHRISTMAS everyone, don’t get it twisted, but speaking of being in the mood, what makes you feel sexy in the holidays?

All of the Victoria Secret lingerie I am obsessed with. Around Christmas times they have a TON of cute, sexy lingerie sets. I have a little obsession.

If you had to describe your perfect date in the winter time, what would it be?

My perfect date..hmm.. well I would love for the man I’m seeing to surprise me with plane tickets to go on vacation! I would love to spend a Christmas in tropical weather for once. Getting on a plane & flying to Fuji, or Cancun, the Bahamas. Wow that’s kind of over board but you asking my ‘perfect date’. :)

Good to hear you aren’t high maintenance. Favorite Christmas movie?

My favorite Christmas movie would have to be “A Christmas Story”. That movie never gets old. I watched that as a little girl.

If you were in a Christmas movie, what would the script be and who would be in it?

The co-stars would be Mila Kunis (I love her), Chris Brown ( for sure), Denzel Washington, Ice Cube, Jessica Alba, Vince Vaughn, Jane Fonda, Cameron Diaz, and Jason Segel.

It would be titled “A Disastrous Christmas” and would be based on a Christmas that was planned for the best but turned out the worst. People always expect the best situations around Christmas time, so I would put myself in a situation I wasn’t expecting to go through, and in the end a positive outcome would come out of it!

Sledding, skiing or snowboarding?

Snowboarding all the way! I love to snowboard. I am good at it too, so I can beat anyone in a race that wants to test me. Haha

Favorite winter drink?

My favorite winter drink would be a gingerbread martini! It has Absolute Vodka, Kahlua, and Baileys Irish Cream. Whipped cream on the top, gingerbread crust around the rim, and a gingerbread cookie placed on top of the whipped cream. ;) yum!

What are your plans for New Years? And can we come? 

For New Year’ I’m am actually flying to Los Angeles for 4 days, and then driving to Las Vegas New year’s day to celebrate New Years in Las Vegas at Chateau Nightclub for the party Kourtney Kardashian is throwing. This will be the BEST New Year’s yet!!! I’m so excited, and of course you can come!

See you all there :)