By Josh Seech

It is once again the time of the year to sit and think of things we are thankful for and start considering what we want for Christmas (or whatever winter holiday we embrace). Usually, I am just thankful for the normal stuff: Friends, health and the fact that I overcame all of life’s adversities.

This year I am thankful for so many things that happened—the good and the bad. This year carried me to where I truly feel I need to be. I do not like to list things in order of importance but the number one thing I am thankful for has to be deciding to stop living alone and moving in with my bad ass roommate. 2011 has been one of the best years ever and that dude has been such an integral part of that, thanks Mike.

I am also extremely thankful for EVERY opportunity that We Out Here Magazine has provided me. From meeting and interviewing a variety of interesting and creative people, to having a place to share the weird ideas I come up with at 4am. This magazine has given me a new out-look on life and also that there is so much more in store.

Although this all might seem very corny and mushy; it is the truth. I am eternally grateful for every single person who has ever read the magazine, every person who has participated and for every person we get to meet and work with in the future. Also, I am grateful for you reading this right now. Thank you!

Instead of this being all about me and the 8 million things I am grateful for; I wanted to let some of the people who are so important to We Out Here and I tell us what they are thankful for and what it is that they want for Christmas (or whatever it is you and loved ones do during these next few months!).

I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday and be sure to leave a comment of what you are thankful for and what it is that you would like for
Christmas, I would be delighted to hear from you guys. As for what I want for Christmas, we are going to doing something very special for that, so stay tuned!

Thanks for everything,

Joshua A. Seech


Brad Leadham

I am most thankful for all of my friends. As a lifelong introvert and socially awkward guy, I am constantly trying to figure out how I’ve ended up with so many cool people in my life. I don’t see some of them as much as I’d like to, but I want them to know that they are all EXTREMELY appreciated.

I’m also thankful to have a job. It’s not that I love what I do for a living or that I like being criminally underpaid; however, to have stable employment in this shitbag recession is definitely something to be thankful for. So many intelligent and skilled people are struggling to get by right now that I can’t possibly take for granted how lucky I am to be working.

For Christmas I would love a new laptop and Native Instruments’ Komplete 8 software suite. Also, an Akai APC40 MIDI controller would be nice. Please and thanks.


DJ Wicked

I’m thankful for real mu’fuckaz.

For Christmas I want a green and grey New Era Blazers fitted cap. (size 7 1/2).


Cool Nutz

I’m thankful to have a beautiful and healthy family.  As well as having my health and the ability to provide for my family with my creative abilities.

I would like world peace, the end of the financial hardships for the average person, and just more understanding and positivity in the world.



I am thankful to have a healthy family and continue doing music for a living.

For Christmas I’d like to continued prosperity for myself and my family.



Brothers From Another

So first off we are very thankful for Tacos Chukis, incredibly dope fans and the fact that Juvenile is trying to make a comeback.

For Christmas I want Cash Money’s “Hot Boyz” to collaborate with Jack Johnson and make a concept album about going green and tar sands. ha


Annie Angell

Thankful to be able to do what I love instead of working for someone else, and my family, friends, and all that jazz too.

I want my very own 5ft robot that could be my best friend.  That, and a large sum of money to drop into my company


Debra Arlyn

First and foremost, I’m thankful for my healthy family and friends. Also, I’m very thankful for the opportunity to make my next album this Winter in Nashville.

More money! So I can buy my daughter everything cute I see when I shop for her. ; )


Marv Ellis

The chance to continue working on my art.

I just want peace and equality, & for people to look inside and make peace with themselves.



Mac Smiff

More than anything, I’m thankful for real friends and family. Some years are tougher than others, and in the of hardest times, those are the people that shine for you. So for them I am thankful. I’m also thankful for Twitter because that shit’s fresh.

I want people to stop asking me if I celebrate Kwanzaa because I don’t. No one does. And I’ve been a pretty bad boy so I’m wondering if instead of coal, Santa could put something on my gas bill.


Ray Dalton

I am thankful for the opportunities that i’ve had this year. Being apart of the Macklemore and  Ryan Lewis family and  team. Still being able to sing with The Total Experience Gospel Choir. To have interviews like this with kick ass magazines.

For Christmas this year I would like an iPod. I have actually never had a portable mp3 player because I have always preferred to get cd’s that I can play through my stereo system and sing along to. 


Kelly Brown

The usual; everything. A better list would be things I am NOT thankful for, which include rotting leaf sludge in the gutters, strep throat and the knowledge that although I do not have them now, bedbugs could be lurking anywhere. I am thankful that I don’t have bedbugs, certainly.

A menagerie of baby animals that I can cuddle at will. If not that, then some new speakers would be nice.


Brooklyn Baggett

I am thankful that, in such hard times for so many people, I can still put a roof over my head and warm food in my stomach doing what I love doing.

This Christmas, I just want to see my family.



My family, my music, my health, my 13s, my hairline, etc

An American Apparel Model, or 3.


DJ Flip Flop

Well, I’m thankful for getting through this year with minimal struggle haha. Thankful for the beautiful family I will be spending my Thanksgiving this year with (Bhamidi Family) and thankful for this years touring with CunninLynguists to go extremely well and having tons of fun!

Shoot….give me like, $50k and ill be good LOL. Realistically though, a new midi keyboard (mines going down poop lane) and a Blu-ray player. Oh, and a  nice new T-Mobile phone…