By Jake Espinoza. Photography by Sandi Elle.

According to a study by Journal of Youth and Adolescence, video game addiction can cause strain on relationships. The Call of Duty video game series is currently the most popular in the world. Girlfriends around the world are ignored as their boyfriends, husbands and friends with benefits gather with each other working towards their next prestige and busting virtual caps into competitors around the world.

Midnight tonight will mark the release of the newest member of the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 3. The game is expected to sell well over 5-million-copies tonight alone.

That is 5-million-people who will not be having sex tonight and will be either having a lot less sex this holiday season–unconcerned about whether or not their girlfriends are exploring other options.

We thought we’d take the time to let a couple answer a few questions about the release of this new game.

Thanks David and Hannah!


MW3 is almost here. How does that make you feel?

Him: I’m super jacked the Call of Duty series always outdoes the previous release, so I can’t wait to see how the new murder fest will reveal itself.

Her: Angry.

What have you heard about the game so far?

Him: I heard that there’s going to be a new perks system and the dual gun sights is going to be sick.

Her: That it will be just as time consuming as the last cod.

How do things in your relationship change when a new Call of Duty game comes out?

Him: More arguing about TV time and who is getting more attention.

Her: I won’t see my boyfriend until he prestiges 13 times.

How does your boyfriend/girlfriend feel about the new game coming out?

Him: I couldn’t care less.

Her: David is so annoying; he can’t wait.

How much time do you think you’ll spend playing?

Him: Ugh, most of my extra time—which isn’t much right now. I’m bummed about that. I played an insane amount of Black Ops when it came out. I had to get that fifteenth prestige!

Her: I won’t be playing one bit. David on the other hand, if he’s not at work or on the toilet, he will be playing.

What would you say is your favorite and least favorite part of the series? Favorite?

Him: My favorite is the multiplayer and zombies my least is probably getting hassled to quit playing.

Her: My boyfriend will be glued to the Xbox. I have more time to watch reality TV.

Will you be at the midnight release?

Him: Absolutely, I pre-ordered it when I pre-ordered Battlefield.

Her: I’m sure my boyfriend will be. I on the other hand, would rather be dead.

Describe the COD franchise with one word.

Him: Smart.

Her: Annoying.