First off this track is dope, the only thing missing is some dope visuals to go along with it.(Attention V1 Creative) Personally I am pumped to hear the next projects he speaks about in this track, and hope he finds that adventure he is looking for. We just hope he doesn’t leave the game alone for too long.

Download Track Here.

Here is the letter from Luck-One:

A dream can become a thing that is so consuming it disallows even sleep, and over the course of the last three years I have found myself very tired. I have been jobless, homeless, struggling and maintaining focus on only one thing. I have performed in front of thousands, stagedived, recieved accolades and write ups too numerous to count, and now, at twenty six years of age I feel like I have recieved everything that I came for. My soul yearns, ironically, to return to the attitude of tranquility that I recall most saliently during my incarceration and a brief period after my release.

For me, my music has always been a means to actively express my personal perspectives and views, the bulwark of the most developed of these regarding or pertaining to the gross injustices that constitute what we call “modern civilization”. The moment I find myself picking up my pen for any other reason than that I find I have, if only a very personal level, defeated enough of my vanity to understand that this dynamic has been turned on it’s head in the sense that the author is now embracing an injustice stemming from a little thing we call the ego.

For that reason I do feel that possibly my purpose for meaningful expression has transcended this medium of communication. It may be that I find the perfect use for my unique skill set in the physical sector of the fight.
In N.E. event. I wanted to take the time to address those of you who do actually listen to my music, with a new track, and a bit of an explanation as to what I’ve been up to. Their is a singularly thrilling feeling that accompanies the result of a piece music of written, recorded all in the span of a few hours. So, no third person “press release” for this one. Just some of my direct thoughts undistilled. And if it seems a bit overdone, or wordy, just know: by the time you hear my last record, I will already have been done with recording for probably close to a year.

“Farewell” Mixed By Terminill *Recorded at Flatline Studios Portland, Or
Photo Courtesy of