by Jake Espinoza

Luck One and Cassow recently released tracks with (not so) subliminal mentions of each other. I thought I’d put together a quick plot summary about how things might play out from here.

(This was meant to be entertaining and not to stir up controversy.)

 Exposition (This is the introduction)

Luck One is discouraged about his career as a hip hop artist. Although he is one of the leaders in a small market, he feels like he is running in a hamster wheel and getting nowhere with his career. A younger rapper from the same side of town (aka the non-white side of town) named Cassow makes a track suggesting that he is better than Luck One. The track causes the town to take sides on who they believe is better.

Luck One makes a track proclaiming his retirement. Cassow starts wearing a t-shirt that says, “That was me.”


Rising Action (Leading up to the climax)

Luck One’s crew and Cassow’s crew decide to meet up for a knife fight when all of a sudden “Things” start falling from the sky. Luck One’s crew and Cassow’s crew put their differences aside and use their dance, knife fight skills to fend off the monsters for just long enough to flee the scene.

All are safe except for Luck One’s brother Mac Smiff who is left behind.

A  foot, bike, electric scooter, and car chase concludes when Luck One’s crew accidentally discover that hot lyrics kill the “Things” after bumping Nas’s “Illmatic” and watching them explode.

Luck One and Cassow put their differences aside and prepare to go to war with the “Things” by teaming up to write as many hot lyrics as possible. Tempers grow strong as the two decide how many hot lyrics will be enough to take out all of the “Things”.

“If we run out of our writtens, I’ll just freestyle!” Luck One proclaims.


Climax (Considered the high point of the story)

Luck One and Cassow ride on their enemies (lyrically). Luck One is faced with a tough decision when he finds out that his brother has become the leader of the aliens. Mac Smiff uses his dreadlocks to throw the things at Luck and Cassow, but the lyrics prove to be too hot and all of the things die–including Mac Smiff who Luck One kills with a vicious freestyle.


Falling Action (Dealing with events which occur right after the climax)

Luck One faces the guilt of killing his brother with his hot lyrics. He begins to question whether or not his lyrics are TOO hot. Concludes monologue saying, “If I just said ‘Swag’ all the time, my brother would still be alive.”


Resolution (Usually a release of dramatic tension and anxiety)

Mac Smiff is still alive! They come to the conclusion that the hot lyrics burnt away the alien virus that had infected him. As they walk away, Mac Smiff turns to the camera and smiles as the laugh from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ plays.