by Jake Espinoza

Congrats on your latest gig, touring for Kreayshawn. How did you end up landing that job?

Thanks man, I appreciate that! My mind is still blown from all that’s been going on! Long story short, Cool Nutz is her tour manager, as well as my manager, and he referred me for a position DJing for her at a show in Canada. I got my test run and we instantly had that spark. I did my homework before the show, and watched her YouTube performances to kinda get an idea of what her performances were like, and we KILLED IT. Kreayshawn, V-nasty, Young Hawaii Slim and I have been killing it ever since!

How do crowds generally respond to her live set? And what is the demographic typically like at one of her shows?

She has the most wild, crazy, down to earth, and fun loving fans! The type that basically praise her. They call it “Kreaystianity” or something lol. But it’s so dope because they give us our energy during our shows. They know all of her songs, and dress like her. She attracts mostly women for her shows. Which is amazing to me. lol

We saw you recently got a new tattoo on your middle finger. What the inspiration for that?

Alcohol and my white girl wasted friend LMC aka Swagatha Christie. lol!

What are the first four things that come to mind when you hear the word “Swag”?

Sex, Weed, Alcohol, and Girls!!!! #SWAG hahaha

I like that. Who are some of your favorite DJs?

Invisible Skratch Piklz, Gunkhole, DJ Craze, A-trak, and locally DJ Flip Flop, and DJ Wicked

I know you are a pretty big sneaker head. What is your favorite pair of Jordan’s that you own? And what is the pair you wish you had in your collection?

Concord 11’s are the most valuable shoes I own! It was the first pair of Jordans I ever got I was in like 3rd or 4th grade. I came home from school and my dad was like here you go kid. As for as a shoe that I really want for my collection, it’s the low top snakeskin 11’s. Nobody really has them nor talks about them on the blogs.

Finish this sentence, Ho’s on my d#ck, cuz Iook like…

Gorgeous Gordo!!!

Thanks Fam! Make sure you check out DJ Fatboy tonight, November 25th, at the Ash Street.