by Jake Espinoza

“I’ve got a man crush, no homo.” – The MC Type

Type just finished up a month long tour with long time friend and man crush Grieves of Rhymesayers.

For those unfamiliar with Type, his music is both innovative and hilarious. He will literally say and do just about anything. He filmed a video which features him masturbating in the shower, has brought a grown man dressed in only a diaper on stage with him, and recently developed the beer bowl.

The beer bowl is a container for half empty beer cans left at the end of a party. He brought the bowl with him on tour and had members of the audience pour their beverages into it before chugging it on stage.


Fortunately Type is also a very good rapper with excellent beat selection.

Make sure you visit his Facebook Page, and pic up his latest album Wuf Tix.

Scroll through the interview to download Type’s “Junk Punter” for free!

Thanks for the time! How has the tour been?

This tour was the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life. I kept a running track record of how I thought the shows went, in terms of crowd attendance and reaction to my material in particular. A good show was a win and a bad show was a loss. Out of 31 shows, I only had 5 losses… and one was a forfeit because we didn’t even make it out to Boise!

What happened to the Boise show?

We had an emergency hospital visit the show before which prevent us for being able to travel to Boise and make the show.

Hospital? What happend?

Grieves cut his hand open using a knife on the zip ties taking down their banner.

That’s no fun at all. I’m a big fan of your album Wuf Tix. It’s hilarious and also very well put together. Who are some of your favorite comedians?

Doug Stanhope and Anthony Jeselnik. Great question.

You have songs about kicking people in the balls, taking a deuce, and having a man crush on Grieves. What is the next topic?

You’ll have to stay tuned! I can’t reveal the outrageous topics I am about to breach… but I do intend on at least releasing one last comedy rap album.

For now, the title I have in mind is “A Good Tattoo” because a fan in SLC told me that’s what my rap style was like. He said a good tattoo has to be light-hearted and humorous yet the technical side of the art must be sound. I liked that.

Sounds like a good description of Wuf Tix. Is there anything you wouldn’t make song about because you think it would be offensive?

Nope. Dead babies, rape, genocide… if I haven’t made it yet, it’s because I am figuring out a way to make it funny. It has to be funny, then it’s a go!

Any new projects on the way?

Finally a full length from Illegitimate Children and one last solo effort.

What can we expect from the Illegitimate Children album?

The Ill Children album is essentially a 12-track extension of the song “Safety Tips” for the EP. It’s absolute buffoonery!

Where did the idea for the beer bowl come from? And what is the weirdest thing you had someone pour in it?

The beer bowl came from playing a spot date in Montana with Murder Dice. We ended up at a house party full of half-empty beer cans. So we took the salad bowl from the kitchen, filled it all the way up, and drank it together. In Santa Cruz some guy pulled out a clear container from his pocket and poured it in the mix. I am still worried about that…

Gross! If you could put anything in your beer bowl, what would you put in it?

Newcastle. And pussy.

Classy. Speaking of… Who would win in a fight. Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman?

I don’t know who either person is. Draw.

Ron Paul or Budo?

Budo can beat the shit out of any person.

“Junk Punter” – The MC Type by We Out Here Magazine