by Josh Seech

As Halloween approaches, it becomes hard deciding which character to own for a debauchery filled evening. With me being an expert on everything, I wanted to help give some ideas to those who are STILL looking and figuring out what it is that they want to be for Ol’ Hallows Eve.

The parties will be starting soon…

You may have enjoyed such classics I have gone as in the past:

– A ninja
– ½ of the N1-H1 virus (swine-flu, for all of you who forgot that happened).
– Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols fam. (when he was most into heroin.)
– Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction, during the scene in the restaurant. (Which was especially fun because I learned the whole dance routine with at the time girlfriend.)
– A customer service rep who worked at 6am the following morning.

For all of my techies out there, how about Zombie Steve Jobs? Here’s how you can pull it off: Grab that out-dated iPod from that drawer in your home that you send things to die in and dress up in a black turtle neck. Now, yank those sleeves nice and high, rub some dirt all over said T-Neck (you’re welcome) and a little on the face. Now that you look the part, go threaten to sue and eat the brains of all of your friends using android phones.

How about this one for the ladies: Ke$ha

To pull this off, get a blonde wig. Make the hair look like you haven’t slept in 14 days, splash yourself in glitter and spray Victoria Secrets “Love Spell” all over and you are ready to blow. In case you took the end of that last sentence wrong, go listen to her Grammy award deserving song titled “blow”.

Charlie Sheen – Feeling like you want to annoy people? This should really be the easiest, as all you really need to do is:

Part your hair down the middle, get a cigar, yell “WINNING!” at everything and ramble on about tiger’s blood. For more realism, put a little powdered sugar underneath your nostrils. Your friends are sure to be stoked when you’re around, as you can add excitement to any moment and honestly, who doesn’t like a winner?

Lady gaga – Here’s a real treat, since this costume is fit for a boy or a girl. Since she cross dressed at the MTV VMA’s, all you need is: A black suit, drawn on facial stuble, a black “greaser wig”. For the more daring, just make an outfit out of an ordinary object like old VHS tapes, be sure to make a pair of shades out of them and then wear a blonde wig and just act “weird”. That’s 90% of her career and you don’t have to deal with all of the sexual ambiguity issues she does!

For those wanting to host a party and looking for something a little more intellectual, here is your perfect theme: Google Plus Party

Make it an invite only party, make sure to have people create A LOT of hype about it. And then when a few people show up, and ask where everyone is, tell them that once people realize the Facebook party down the street is lame, they’ll be arriving shortly.

Ok so that was just a cheap shot but hopefully the other ideas can help you be a hit at your Halloween party. Oh, you don’t have plans? Needing somewhere to have a blast? Come to the We Out Here/Octopus entertainment Halloween Party, at the Star theater in Portland. There is a gigantic banner on the home page in case you want more details!

As for me, I will be in some ridiculous costume, shuffling to the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Come to the party, get your picture taken and have a ridiculously good time!