by Jake Espinoza. Photography by Gina Garbero.

Fashion Remix 2011 was Portland’s fashion show for sneaker heads, and an option for designers who get ignored by Portland’s Fashion Week.

There’s no way for me to be certain, but I’m pretty sure I did a decent job fitting in. This will come as a surprise for people who know me well.

My normal attire consists of dirty sneaker and hoodies decorated by the hair of my white Golden Retriever, but last Friday night I stepped out of my comfort zone for my first fashion show. I had a new pair of Nike’s, Levi’s, and a button up shirt I got for Christmas last year that was still attached to its tag.

This was the place to be for Portland’s motivated urban community. Models, designers, musicians, and people who generally get things done were in attendance as both participants and fans. It was not a showcase for chain stores looking for items to include in their winter collection, or place for hard drugs to be hidden behind locked bathroom doors; this was a showcase for the community.

“We’re really hoping the community will get behind us,” said Bobby Jones of The Hip Hop Junkies when we spoke a couple of days before the event.

The event organized by The Hip Hop Junkies (with the help from more than a handful of other people and organizations) was impressive. I say that with absolutely no frame of reference to what a fashion show should look like, but everyone had a good time and the place was packed full of the people who generally show up to the concert after it’s over. My favorite item displayed throughout the night was the Hip Hop Junkies’ grey King Biggie t-shirt.

Other designers involved were Peniche, Nasty, Black Scale, and Betsy Johnson.

Music may have played a bigger role in the night than the actual fashion. I unfortunately missed Jon Belz set, but had worked my way towards a nice smiling buzz as Illaj stepped on stage to perform Cranberry Vodka (one of my favorite songs to come out of the region in the past couple of years).

Thanks to everyone who helped make the night enjoyable. Looking forward to attending similar events.