by Jake Espinoza

This Friday, Indent Studios will host Fashion Remix 2011. The fashion show will feature the designs of Stussy, Aklomplace, Hip Hop Junkies, Undercrown, Peniche Fashion, Freed minds, and RokHedz Collective, and performances from artists such as The Chicharones, Jon Belz and more.

Bobby Jones of Hip Hop Junkies was one of the leaders in organizing the event.

“There’s going to be a lot of energy and a lot of creative people. It’s going to be a very good networking opportunity. People that you meet in the fashion industry are creative and they’re go getters.” He continued, “The artists that are performing are really going to add to the energy. Our biggest thing is really going be celebrating fashion, music, street wear and urban culture.”

Jones graduated from PSU as an African-American Studies and Political Science double major, but hip hop remains the biggest influence in his life.

“Hip hop raised a lot of people. A lot of us got the way we think, the way we dress, the way we analyze things, the way we talk, all from hip hop.”

He started the blog Hip Hop Junkies with friend Niyi Sobo while the two were still in college.

“The biggest piece of feedback we get on our site is that people like it because they don’t have to filter through a bunch of stuff to find something they like. A lot of the sites try to appeal to everyone. We definitely don’t try to appeal to everyone.”

They have since transitioned their brand into a clothing company. Fashion Remix 2011 will be the premier of their first line. Putting out a clothing collection is an expensive endeavor, and they are hoping the community will get behind them.

The show on Friday is running in conjunction with Portland’s Fashion Week, but is not directly connected.

“We have a lot of people who are seen as opinion leaders because they have a certain followers and (sometimes) whatever they say goes, but we don’t agree with that shit. We don’t agree with a lot of the shit their talking about, what they say is important, or the theories and philosophies they have. We would like to be able to step in and say, ‘This is our take on hip hop culture and our culture in general.’” He continued, “It’s not just about music. It’s about the way we treat our woman, what we do with our money, and the food that we eat. We would just like to be able to speak about our culture from an educated perspective, and change some things in the world.”

For more information about Hip Hop Junkies you can visit Hip Hop Junkies Website or Fashion Remix 2011 Facebook Event Page.