My Name is…  Charity Lynette

I am… A plus size model that loves her curves!

I like it when… I tell people that I am a plus size model and because they don’t necessarily understand how the fashion world works, they say “what?! your not plus size!” To them I look like the average woman that they see everyday.  But then I have to explain the differences to them and the fashion industry doesn’t quite see the sizes the same way that the everyday person does.

One thing I wish the Northwest would share with the world is… The creative talent that is here! Whether its in fashion, photography, athletics whatever! We have amazing people doing exciting things that the rest of the world needs to know about. That’s why I love the title ‘We Out Here” most people don’t realize that there is more to the NW than trees and the Oregon Trail!

One thing I wish the world would share with the Northwest is… Share the love and give us our props! Our talent can do big things. I feel that they write us off because of where we are from.

Something I have coming up is… I am walking in the 1426 Fashion Week in Ft. Lauder dale FL.  Where standard and plus models will walk the runway. After that I will be moving to New York so that I can pursue my modeling in a larger plus size market.

This is exciting because… I’m starting to live out my dream! Its starting with this show and my move to New York. I know its going to be a long bumpy road but that’s just apart of the process that I am most certainly excited for.  Since I have decided to make this move so many things have been working out and falling into place. I have family and friends that are already there and excited for me to come. There are even a couple of designers and photographers that are wanting to shoot me and I am not even there yet!

Good luck in the Big Apple Charity! We hope to here about your adventure!

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