My Name is… Randal L. Wyatt aka Diezel P

I am… A solo artist and the Founder, Manager, and Lead MC/Vocalist in Speaker Minds. Speaker Minds is a 6 piece Hip Hop Fusion band that will try to incorporate any genre with our music. We consist of Me (Lead MC/Vocalist), LeNeya Luck (Female Vocalist), DLux the Light (Keys/MC/Poet), Donnell Kennedy (Electric Guitar), Ian North (Bass), and FingerPretzel (Drums).

I like it when… People enjoy, appreciate, and respect our music, message, and community efforts! And I love it when people come out to our live performances because I feel like thats where we really shine!

One thing I wish the Northwest would share with the world is… Our diverse sound and ridiculous amount of talent in this region. I feel like the Northwest hasn’t had an opportunity to consistently share our artistic expression on a global platform yet, but all this talent can’t remain unde the radar for too much longer!

One thing I wish the world would share with the Northwest is… Their Ears, Eyes, Feedback, and an Open Mind.

Something I have coming up is… We just Re-Released our debut EP “9 To 5: Self-Employed” after being unsatisfied with the initial results of the project. Our debut Music Video for our lead single “Banger (Hands High)” shot by V1 Creative will be released Oct. 11th and we’re beginning to plan out the next one for our follow up single “The Break Up”. Both the EP and Music Video are available at Oh… and we are throwing a Halloween Party called “FREAKS and BEATS” at the Mt. Tabor Theater (4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd) on Friday, October 28th with performance by Speaker Minds, Bad Habitat, DJ Wels, and TASK1ne (Sacramento). Doors open at 9pm, $5 cover, 21 and Up, and costumes aren’t required but we encourage them because we are giving away FREE Autographed Speaker Minds’ T-Shirts to the first 25 people to show up in elaborate costumes, I say “elaborate” because you know how people are…. They’ll show up in a Fubu shirt with one Pant Leg pulled up and say their LL Cool J for Halloween, that won’t cut it. And if the Autographs don’t mean anything to you… hey its still a Free shirt haha.

This is exciting because… When we initially released our debut EP “9 To 5” back in June, we weren’t satisfied because the sound quality just wasn’t up to par…. don’t get me wrong, we still have a lot of work to do on solidifying and improving our sound! When we started the project 8 months ago we had only been together for a few months, but I’m the type who likes to make moves quickly…. which can be my down fall sometimes. Most of the band didn’t have adequate equipment or much experience recording with a full band in the studio, but through hard work we were able to gain experience and use money from shows to invest in new equipment and instruments for the band. And through the process of recording we became good friends with some amazing people who were willing collaborate their talents and services with our project to release it the right way! Special thanks to Adrian Adel, Green Luck Media Group, Trafek of Bad Habitat, V1 Creative, and the crew!

Be on the look out for their debut music video for the track “Banger” set to drop tomorrow on Don’t miss Speaker Minds at the Mt. Tabor Theater rocking on Oct. 28th.

Make sure to stay up with Speaker Minds via their links: