by Jake Espinoza

The wonderful Sandi Elle sent me an e-mail August 24th, just a few days after she met up with a group of local, creative and entrepreneurial spirited woman.

She opened the email with, “Here are a few pictures from Sunday’s CCPDX (Creative Connections PDX) August ‘Tea Party’ event. I’ve had significant writers block lately, so I’ll just give you a rundown of the day, and you can put it into something worth reading… ”

Amazing confidence she has in me.

Creative Connection started in LA, and now has additional chapters in Portland and San Diego. Sandi was selected as the featured photographer for the August gathering at Laurelhurst Park. The group included journalists, photographers, bloggers, event planners, graphic designers, painters, interior designers, conceptual hair designers, textile crafters, small business owners, and bakers.

The group gets together as a way to establish friendships and connections. Business cards get exchanged, collaborations get planned, and calendars get filled.

It is a great networking opportunity, and we were proud that one of our own was selected as a featured guest!

Any ladies looking to become involved can attend the next event, this September 25th at 5pm at FAB PDX. That is this Sunday.