by Jake Espinoza

Salem, Oregon’s Sebo Walker placed fourth in the Red Bull Manny Mania World Series 2011 last Saturday in New York. Red Bull held competitions in 31 different countries this year and flew all the winners out to compete in the World Series.

For those of you who didn’t play Tony Hawk on the Playstation growing up, a manual is a trick where you skate on either your two front wheels or two back wheels. A trick counts as a manual trick as long as you do a manual during some point during the trick.

“It was kind of a lot of pressure being the only person from the US competing and having the competition in New York,” he said.

Sebo is a minimalist and has dedicated his life to skating. He lives in a van and showers at a local gym after his morning workouts. He said he was proud to represent the states well and take home fourth place considering the level of competition.

“Everyone there was their countries best manual skaters. The winner (Sewa Kroetkov of the Netherlands) actually ended up placing second in the pro contest the next day.”

Sebo advanced to the World series after winning the American contest in Las Vegas earlier this summer.

“It opened up a lot of doors as far as getting my name out there. The Berrics just put the Bangin! video up and Skateboard Magazine is running an interview with me.”

He ended up competing in the World Series with a patch over his left eyebrow, due to a failed landing during a practice run the day before the competition that sent him to the hospital in an ambulance. The accident makes for a good story, but it isn’t slowing Sebo down a bit.

He’s making the most of his trip to New York, filming with Altamont Clothing and skateboarding legend Andrew Reynolds. Sebo also found himself a spot in Reynold’s van and will be travelling with the final stops of the “Low Life Tour” sponsored by Baker Skaterboards and Death Wish amongst others.

“It’s my first time in New York…I’m trying to make the most of it.”


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