Written by: Lyndon Hansen/Middle of Top Shelf

First off, Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to get super fresh with us over at the magazine.. Sorry it took me so long to get these questions to you, I was too busy watching Episodes of Workaholics on Comcast’s On-Demand! But let’s get right to it…

My Name is…

Adam Devine

I Am…

an Actor/Writer/Stand up Comedian

What would you be doing if you weren’t acting?

I would probably open up a kissing booth at a county fair and rake in the dollars. Moms and bigger girls LOVE me and they spend a lot of time at county fairs

Who inspired you to take the road that you chose?

My dad is crazy funny and my Mom really encourages me to follow my dreams. Plus, they beat me and told me if I wasn’t successful they would pour gasoline on me and throw a match.

How did the creation of the show come about and which episode did you have the most fun filming thus far?

We were doing internet videos forever and we had the opportunity to shoot in an office space. We put on ties and a year later we had a show. I loved shooting “Muscle I’d love to Flex” because I fulfilled my life dream of wearing a dildo on my face.

Can I (rap) battle Ders? (Lol)

Ders would destroy you in a rap battle. He has mad skills. No joke.
(Sidenote: Top Shelf heavily disagrees w/ this statement!)

What other projects are you currently working on ( what we can expect in the future)?

We are writing a movie and I’m doing as much stand-up as I can. Gettin’ weird with it

Where do you expect the world to be in ten years?

It will have spun ten times. I will enjoy vacationing somewhere tropical in the arctic.

And where do you expect yourself to be in ten years?

I will either be an action hero or i’ll be selling cars in Van Nuys, Ca.