This is Nick. He is better than you.

I’m a big fan of playing Black Ops online on my PS3 (username JakeEspi, Holler at me…). I got the new maps the first day they came out. I have the headset and a group of guys from work that I play with. My main beef with the game is that I suck at it and I always end up with some tweenager talking shit to me on my headset as he shoots me in the back of the head. So, I decided to go straight to the source and get some advice from one of the best COD players I know, DJ Fatboy’s little brother.

What’s your name? Nick

How old are you? 13 years old

How long have you been playing Call of Duty? About 4 years.

What’s your favorite multiplayer level and why? Nuke Town, It’s small and easy. No places to camp and I average 63 kills playing Headquarters!

What’s your game of choice and why? Search and Destory. Because I rank up super easy with all the kills I get. I average about 10 kills which is 5,000 xp! Only boss’s can do that tho!

How many hours a week do you spend playing? 35 hours, sometimes more. I try to get it in as much as possible with balancing it with school and homework.

Do you play zombies? Why or why not? Yeah usually with my clan (S4V4G3). It take’s my mind off Search & Destroy and Headquarters if im in a slump.

Here he is being better than you.

What are 5 things that players that suck do that they need to stop doing?

1. [Camping] Camping gives you less advantages to get more kills. You lose out on a lot of opportunities to get kills and rank up!

2. [Newbtubing] Newbtubing (using a grenade launcher) is for losers it’s not very accurate. Plus you only get 2 grenades and then you have nothing.

3. [Picking a bad gun] It’s important to have a good gun like the gahlil and ak47 there very accurate and the fire rate is on point!

4. [Last stand] Using the last stand as your perk is stupid because you are going to die anyways. There’s much more better perks like marathon and ninja, that will actually help you get kills and survive longer.

5. [RCXD] Using the radio controlled car as a Killstreak is dumb because the kills you get using it don’t even count for your Killstreaks. It’s a real newbie Killstreak. I use the spy plane so it gives me more opportunities for kills.

What other advice do you have for people that suck? Practice playing private matches with your friends to help learn all of the maps.

What’s your gamer tag? S4V4G3QU1CKSCOPE

What’s your best achievement in cod so far? Getting 3 tomahawk kills across the map in 1 match!!!

Thank you Nick. *switches Killstreak to spy plane*