Yung Mil and Wiz Khalifa looking similiar

Motivated but I’m hungry, please accept my proposition/ It looks like a long road but I think it’s in walking distance.

Still attending Park Rose High School, Yung Mil has a lot of talent in his notebook.

Although being a representative of hip-hop doesn’t mean exactly the same thing that it did ten years ago, he embodies everything that the culture has become for this new generation. He produces, raps, skates, sings a little, and dances. Yung Mil also spent time performing as part of the Rip City Jerks crew for the better part of last year.

More than anything Mil is a performer. Put him behind the camera or on stage with a microphone and he shines. Fortunately (especially for old school hip-hop fans who haven’t accepted the jerk movement into their playlist) he is also a good writer. Listen to him on iRock Vlados and hear Slick Rick’s flow.

But the haters I erase em/ women know about the kicks and how I lace ’em

Representing Project Mayhem and Rainstorm Music, he stays busy networking throughout the city. He’s shared the stage with acts like E-40, Audio Push, and Mac Miller. He also has the support from established Portland acts such as TxE, made up of Epp, Tope and Calvin Valentine.

“The great thing about him is that he listens,” said Epp.

TxE was introduce to Yung Mil at an event hosted by Diezel P last summer. After building on the relationship for the past months, they brought him on Stage with them for their performance before the Mac Miller show at the Roseland last month.

“I feel like if you have something to lend to someone to who will appreciate it, then why not lend it,” Epp added.

Being in high school and the life of the party on the weekends has been a bit of a transition for him.

“Its always kind of a big story to tell when Monday comes,” Mil said. “When I do a big show and people miss out everyone’s always like ‘ah man, you missed out. It was crazy, you should have been there.”

Right now Mil needs your help to make some noise for him in the Def Jam Rapstar contest. It only takes a minute. Click the link below and support a young person in your area making some noise!!

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