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For many, social networking sites provide an opportunity to promote something, someone or somewhere.

Unfortunately few promoters take the time to develop and execute ideas that show an understanding of the platform.

Angela Dawn and David Staley are using their talents with photography and instincts for what is hip to grow their new business, Da Booth.

The idea for Da Booth was originally to profit off of free merch booths offered as trade for taking pictures at festivals. The idea has since evolved into a marketing tool for some of the biggest night life events in Portland.

“It’s a pretty awesome job. We get hired by our friends who are musicians or producers, or owners of bars or clubs. They want to have us out there because its great advertising for them. It’s a great way to market because people love to blast the photos online after they see them, and we usually get pretty creative when it comes to ideas for events.” She continued, “We like to make it look like an art installation in the venue, that’s our goal.”

The pictures are spectacular and digital copies stamped with the company’s logos are offered for free download on their website,, following the events. These photos are becoming increasingly popular to be used as profile pictures on social networking sites.

“I was always shooting fashion. We’d have these elaborate shoots and backdrops, one model would come and shoot, and then we’d tear down. Now we can have everyone be a part of it.” Dawn continued, “Everyone likes it because everyone looks good.”

Da Booth Set Up

Although similar services exist, and imitators are inevitable, Da Booth stands out because of the talent of the photographers and ability to create exciting environments that transition well to photographs.

“This month has been really slammed. We just launched the website a couple of months ago and we’ve been staying consistently busy with all sorts of events and weddings…We have a few followers who come to every event, and a lot of times people will come and hang out around the booth during the events.” She continued, “It’s flattering, sometimes at the end of the night people don’t want to leave and we have to kind of kick them out.”

The duo are currently looking at expanding their services with short tours in San Francisco and New York. They will also be traveling to Europe this year to attend the Outlook Festival.

“We’re not sure if we’re going to be a part of it yet, but we’re trying to branch out and do some work for friends while we’re out there. Whenever we go somewhere we’re aren’t just hanging out.”

You can catch Da Booth at Blown and Massive this Friday and Saturday in Portland.

Stay updated on their upcoming events by visiting Da Booth’s official website.

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