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Illmaculate – Woodstock ft. OnlyOne (Music Video)


+45-26   North Portland’s OG flag carrier continues on the campaign for his latest project release, Clay Pigeons, with a video for the OnlyOne assisted WoodStock inspired by TV, hippies, blunts and good old American anti-government protests. Once you ingest that, do yourself a favor and watch Take A Hit if you haven’t done so already, its

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Recap: Clay Pigeons Release Party


+37-17    Saturday was a big night for Northwest hip-hop. Despite the perception that Portlanders don’t turn out for local rap shows, the Alhambra Theater was definitely buzzing for Illmaculate’s Clay Pigeons Release Party. The event, hosted by Cool Nutz, started off on a high note with a set from Load B. Granted, we could

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10 Things: NW Artists Making Moves in 2014


Northwest hip-hop is buzzing now more than it has been in a very very long time. Good music and controversy have been shedding light on the region and the artists doing big things here. We here at WOHM are all about giving props where they’re due so here is a list of artists who are doing their

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Illmaculate – Take a Hit (Music Video)


+64-20   Illmaculate slipped in a midnight drop of his new video for Take a Hit, off Clay Pigeons. The video features a cold appearance by DJ Fatboy, money, blood and guns. What’s not to like? Check it out.

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HALFMANHALF – Over (Low Limit Remix)


+36-22   Yesterday was a big day for Portland veteran HALFMANHALF, who celebrated a birthday (Illmaculate joked it was his 56th) and released a remix of Over, a track from his collaborative work with G Force (aka Calvin Valentine), Glow. The original link for Glow is no longer functional, but he’s also reloaded that impressive album

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Illmaculate & OnlyOne – Almost Feat. Milc & Stewart Villain (prod. By Chase Moore)


+53-27   Whoa! With names like this working together, do you even have to ask if its dope?

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Illmaculate on OPB


+61-34   In a recent interview with Portland rapper Illmaculate and public information officer Sgt. Pete Simpson, OPB’s Think Out Loud delved into the increasingly documented Blue Monk incident. Definitely a good listen if you’re about that podcast life.

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Illmaculate – Clay Pigeons


+51-41   Stop what you’re doing! Illmac is about to rap! The St. Johns front runner drops his latest project, Clay Pigeons, amidst a deluge of press coverage that hit a fever pitch at the start of the month at The Blue Monk. The new offering surrounds the earlier released Trainspotting and Know My Name (featuring Big K) with 18 original

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Illmaculate – Trainspotting (Prod. by Chase Moore)


+65-44   Fresh off of an interesting interview with OPB’s Think Out Loud radio program (and an even more interesting appearance at Portland’s Blue Monk last Saturday), PDX’s battle rap legend Illmaculate releases a little frustration on his new single Trainspotting ahead of the release of his new album Clay Pigeons, due 3/11.   Chase’s drums

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PDX City Auditor Launches Review Of Blue Monk Incident


+66-43   Apparently, all of the fussing finally did something… Maybe. The City’s Independent Review Board has launched an investigation into the happening’s of Saturday night’s now notorious fiasco at the Blue Monk in which 20+ armed police surrounded the venue in a seemingly desperate attempt to start trouble at a rap show. If that last