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Illmaculate – Loser (Prod. by G_Force)


+70-48   I can’t say that I willingly listen to music from many battle rappers, but Illmaculate makes slaps. This latest joint – produced by G_Force – is pure savagery. And if you’re not following along with the #HazySundaze, we’re up to episode 5… Try and keep up, OK?

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#HazySundaze Ep. 2 + Only & Ill – Marathon


+36-24   Illmaculate dropped his second installment of Hazy Sundaze, taking us behind the scenes as he prepares for his Blackout 5 battle. He also goes acapella, delving into his notebook to show off some new rhymes in the short film from Timslew. But that’s not all folks. With the upcoming Only & Ill project around

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Illmaculate – Hazy Sundaze Episode One


+74-43   Weekly series are all the rage amongst NW artists these days and the world’s smallest heavyweight, Illmaculate is putting his bid in. First lesson learned? Don’t drop your first video on Superbowl Sunday. But hey, it’s Monday, let’s try again. Check out the first of Illmac’s weekly Hazy Sundaze series and circle back next week

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Illmaculate & OnlyOne – “Anonymous” (Official Video)


+44-33   When Ilmmac and Only One get in the booth, I’m all ears. Add a beat that was birthed through an unholy collaboration between Sapient and Trox plus a grimy music video from Artistic Outlet… are you still reading? Let’s go! Shout out to Chase Moore on the mix. #Sandpeople

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Hip-Hop Festival at OSU (w/ MC Lyte, Lil Flip and illmaculate)

+54-31   “Today’s hip-hop is a porous intercultural phenomenon. There are rappers in both small villages and urban centers – just like there are listeners wherever people can gather together or a set of headphones or speakers are found.” – Dana Reason, Ph.D (Oregon State University) The College of Liberal Arts at Oregon State University in

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Samarei – Best In Class [WOHM Premiere + Interview]


+59-27   Portland-based producer Sam “Samarei” Waldo first caught my attention when he produced Strange Fruit for Hanif (the artist formerly known as Luck One) in Spring of ’13. Since then, the Portland State music composition major has continued to work at his craft, teaming with Green Luck Music Group and producing for artists near (Illmaculate, Rey

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Illmac & TxE & Big Freedia to Perform at Holocene, Sept. 2nd

TxE Illmac Big Freedia Sound Select image.jpg-large

+40-29   As part of the Red Bull Sound Select live music showcase, Portland’s own Illmaculate and TxE will be opening for Big Freedia on September 2nd at Holocene.  Summer is almost over, so take advantage of this opportunity to get out and enjoy some live tunes.  When you RSVP here, tickets are only $3.

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King Of The Dot Presents: Illmaculate vs Aye Verb

Aye Verb vs Illmaculate King of the Dot Battle

+52-32   A day (or 5) late but short zero bars is The Norths ‘bullet proof tiger with wings’ Vs a St. Louis representer Aye Verb. To keep it 100 I knew a lil bit about the battle scene when Grind Time was running it, but I don’t really anything now days namely who Aye Verb

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Mission Underground | G-Mo Skee, Obvi, Illmaculate | Prod. by NEL


+46-25   Gotta love how Illmac always looks bored when everyone else is rockin’… I guess battle habits die hard. The Portland rep goes bananas on the third verse of this Mission Underground video feature, making words do things they are not supposed to. No more talk, just watch. Shout out Team Backpack.

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Nefe Stone ft Luck One, Cool Nutz, Mikey Vegas & Illmaculate – Rainy Nights In Portland


+56-26   Nefe Stone is not technically a hip-hop artist, but he gets it. He recently put together a cool, reggae inspired collaboration with Portland high-fliers Luck One, Cool Nutz, Mikey Vegas and Illmaculate. Haven’t seen all these guys together since the Blue Monk situation, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard them all on a