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Brookfield Duece Addresses The Unwilling

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t have to explain who Brookfield Duece is, or what he does for the Portland music scene. In the City of Bridges, Duece brought his talents all the way from Brookfield to share his life story through music.

I last saw Duece after performing at The Thesis: Two Year Anniversary. Since then, a lot more has happened. So much, that I can’t even explain it all in one article, but I’m going to try. Let’s just say he’s setting the tone for how to move in 2017.

In the last month, Duece has been further establishing his brand after signing to Damian Lillard’s Front Page Music Inc. The label was recently announced after a series of freestyles on Sway In The Morning, where Duece showcased his street conscious lyrics and a trap sprinkle or two.

The announcement of Front Page Music was capitalized with a 9 page feature in SLAM Magazine’s first music issue. I liked the SLAM article because it detailed the past times of Duece, Dame DOLLA and Danny From Sobrante, instead of just announcing their moves for them. Front Page didn’t just step on the scene, they set the trend with a nationally acclaimed publication, proving that they’re here for business.

I could go on about what Duece and Front Page are doing, but I have some music to share. Duece followed up the announcement with an announcement of his own. He’s assured us that his next EP is on the way. ‘One Day It’ll All Make Cents’ is Duece’s return to releasing music since putting out Boondock Saints 2 with John Blunt. This EP is a witty twist on Common’s album, titled “One Day It’ll All Make Sense”. He gave us a sample from the Cents EP with a single called ‘Unwilling’, which was premiered by a SLAM Magazine Twitter post.

The single is a fresh reminder of what it takes to make head way in the music industry. Duece simply points out that many artists “ain’t willing to die to make a killing”. This Hip-Hop reminiscent track is backed with the smooth Reggae vocals of JR Toots, who Duece has known and planned on working with for the better part of a decade.

If you’ve ever wondered about what it takes to make it, listen to this and digest. We Out Here.

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Dame 3 “Rip City” Sneaker Launch

As you may have heard, superstar basketball player/rapper Damian Lillard is dropping his Dame 3 “Rip City” shoe today, and tomorrow he plans to celebrate the launch with you – the fans!

Once again, Dame and adidas are tapping Amine to perform at the release – you may recall that Amine rocked Dame’s initial signature shoe event in 2015 – and the burgeoning star will be supported by a few high-quality locals in Jon Belz, Donte Thomas and Karma Rivera in what organizer Starchile has called “a tribute to the PDX hip-hop scene”. Of course, the Dame 3 “Rip City” and other exclusive adidas products will be available for sale.

It all goes down this Friday at Flex Space in NW Portland from 3pm to 10pm, it’s FREE, and it’s open to the general public. Come check it out!

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Dead Phone Dummies – WE [VIDEO]

I’d been hearing about these Dead Phone Dummiez, but after doing a little research, I’m seeing some major potential. The PDX/Vancouver camp is ripe with talent and creativity, and I’m excited to announce that they’ll be bringing their high-intensity set to February’s edition of TheTHESIS, joining Bocha and Foday for a show full of deep lyrics and young energy.

Much more to come on this dynamic rap crew, but for now just check out this video for their interpretation of Rae Srummurd’s We.

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A-RU$$ – Private Party (Prod. by Robodruma)

Cover photo by Michael Magnuson

A-RU$$ didn’t skip a beat heading into the new year. PDX’s most swagged out singer is right back at it, dropping new heat barely a month after the release of his EP, you know who you are

The skillful soprano has really upped his marketing, picking up over 6,000 Soundcloud plays on day one and currently approaching 25K total streams on his latest diddy, Private Party. Word has it A-RU$$ will be down in LA later this month opening for the homie Demrick. Great look for the kid! If you have a friend in the City of Angels, let them know to check him out! #OutHere 

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Miss Lopez Media Fav Projects of 2016

I picked my favorite projects of 2016: Mic Capes with Concrete Dreams, Donte Thomas with Grayscale, and ROBy with Cartoon Summers ’16. I caught up with all 3 artists, asked them some questions about what happened in 2016, whats next, and took some fresh shots!  

Below, I’ll talk about why I picked each album, and also some Q’s and A’s with each artist. Enjoy!

Concrete Dreams is the album I’ve been waiting for from Capes. Mic comes with some real ass lyrics about his life growing up. Some beautiful words for black women and even some turn up songs (5 Finger Discount is one of my fav songs on the album) I keep saying this but it’s been inspiring to watch Mic grow as an artist. He’s changed the way the city views Hip Hop by being his authentic self. Cannot wait to see what happens for him in 2017!

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Foday – Never [MUSIC VIDEO]

Foday decided to step onto the scene with a video called Perfect, but now he’s ready to show us how imperfect America is. The 23 year old Northeast Portland native reminds us that even though it’s a new year, we’re in the same place.

Foday brings us a new visual called ‘Never’ which was produced and written when he was living in Eugene. After being told that his beats were trash, he decided to lash back with a point that few could hate on.

‘Never’ is a video directed by Meta.8, who you all might know as Justin Gabriel. The two teamed up to deliver a lyrical PSA that blends visuals of intense red lighting with a 1st person account of Portland’s protests at the end of last year. The overall theme of the video doesn’t really hit home until the beat drops and Foday decides to deliver a spoken word about the President Elect.

‘Never’ is on Foday’s upcoming project, titled ‘Prod. By Foday’. And yes, it all actually is produced by Foday himself. Fopop has continued to surprise and impress me with his versatility; we even have some music in the works for you all!

Take a few minutes to remind yourself that we have to prepare for the next four years. Check out ‘Never’ below. We Out Here.

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Mat Randol & Snugsworth – Libero EP

The Webster definition of libero is “the rearmost, most defensive player in a volleyball match or soccer game”. The title name of this six track EP still intrigues me. But after a quick Twitter check by Snugsworth, I have been informed that the EP is based around the Italian word meaning “free”.

My WOHM colleague Max McHugh put me on this EP and I was thoroughly impressed, but I needed to listen again to grasp the theme. I had heard of Mat Randol before, but never really got the chance to get updated on his music. His flow and song structure gives me a faint reminder of Ab-Soul with a slower tempo. Rumor has it that Snugsworth is the creator behind “Shabba” by world renowned A$AP Ferg. It only goes to show that this collaboration is a tasteful mix of similar music styles.

The smooth transitions between songs, the simplicity of the beats being used. This EP is easily something I could play front to back after a long day of work while I light up a joint. My personal favorite is Peace of Mind. Maybe it’s because it personally relates, or maybe because it’s so relatable to human beings. “Building up from the bottom, where I go I don’t know. All I know is, peace of mind is the goal”.

Stream Libero below. You can also find the EP available for purchase on Apple Music.

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Showtime – Cooper Glass feat. Nick B

Cooper Glass decided to make his WOHM debut as he packs his bags and heads overseas to Thailand. The newly established Portland artist has taken some time to step back and observe the scene while he re-establishes himself as a brand. The lyrical loud mouth rapper lays out his rhythmic flow on his newest single, Showtime.

Glass shows his versatility by fading between bouncing lyrics to subtle singing. His wordplay coincides with Portland artist Nick B with a line that pulls directly from Nick’s hit single “Moves”.

The Rare Vibe spokesman, Nick B, takes the helm on the second half of the turn up, delivering chop after chop with those catchy ad-libs we all know and love. I can hear this single playing inside a packed out venue, you will too. He speaks truth in verse as well, saying “I been doing this for about ten months and I got buzz in the town”. I’m already looking forward to what the next ten months has in store for both of these artists.

This single released at the perfect time. Most of Portland’s biggest brands are performing and showcasing their art at the Moda Center tomorrow for a collaborative event called Culture Shock. The Portland Trail Blazers have endorsed this event, proving that Portland continues to keep a symbiotic support system intact.

Sit back, roll up and roll out the red carpet. It’s showtime.

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“Lord knows that I’ve come far/ Section 8 in my white tee/ 20 bands before 19/ I could care less if they don’t like me…”

Freshly-minted 21 year old rapper DANIELSEVENTWO dropped a new banger Thursday for his birthday. The Teddy Walton-produced slap showcases the based rhymer’s continued progression as he sums up his current mindstate heading into the new year.

Really dropping gems, Daniel spits quality bars at his own pace, catering to a niche audience that is steadily expanding. The lowkey rapper is in the big leagues now though; can’t wait to see how that translates to his career arc.

SoundCloud link below, or go peep it on Spotify/Tidal. Happy belated birthday, Daniel, and Happy New Year!

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It’s Time To Stop Sleeping On Dior Worthy

I first met Dior Worthy after I opened for Tory Lanez at the Hawthorne Theater a while back. As I walked off stage for a quick smoke break he dapped me up, congratulated me and asked me to stick around for his set. When I came back to the stage area he had half of a nearly sold out crowd jumping and chanting his lyrics.

A year or so passed before we interacted again at The Thesis: 2 Year Anniversary, but I had an ear out for him. You can say what you want about him or the music that he makes; but you cannot deny his work or how many moves he makes. He recently returned from Paris after creating a project, performing abroad and participating in fashion week. His return from Paris brought us a visual called Paycheck, which became a personal favorite of mine.