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Brown Calculus – Live At The Map Room

Brown Calculus, a duo consisting of Brown Alice and Brown Calvin, made their own unplugged style album, Live At The Map Room, during an intimate live performance. (And no, I wasn’t invited, but I’m not going to hold it against them.)

The live album flows beautifully. A soulful collection of melodies that demand calm, the EP showcases the vibey live energy that Brown Calculus has become known for. Brew some coffee, roll something up, and enjoy. 

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Yung Mil – Crabs In The Barrel ft. Philup Banks [Official Music Video]

“I can’t name a person that I owe something /
but they still be asking let me hold something. Nah!
Did this by myself by my lonesome /
(But I) got these real ones riding with me for the long run.”

Yung Mil dropped flashy new imagery for Crabs In The Barrel, which features an appearance from Detroit’s Philup Banks, and WOHM is here with the video premiere. Created by Mil’s own visual production company, Aeon Visual, this marks the third music video from the young moguls standout EP, Thoughts 4 The City.

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Chris Lee – I Already Know (Prod. by DJ Banks)

Chris Lee broke this lil’ gem out at The THESIS earlier this month but I didn’t know he’d dropped it already.

I Already Know is a short but sweet lil’ slapper that showcases Chris penchant for making West Coast anthems. Word has it Lee has over a 100 songs in the vault, we’ll be here when he decides to let another hot one go. 

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Mic Crenshaw – Earthbound [VIDEO]

I came across the video for PDX super vet Mic Crenshaw’s Earthbound over the weekend and I have to say, I’m really impressed. Remarkable visuals accompany the conscious song, culminating in a fresh, outstanding and thoughtful product.

When it comes to finding your niche and staying out the way, Crenshaw is in a league of his own. When he’s not travelling to remote continents, you might catch the Midwest native whipping around Portland on his impressive motorcycle. Or you might find him mentoring young people who keep the traditions alive. The lead track off his album by the same name, Earthbound boasts flashes of mainstream appeal while staying rooted in Crenshaw’s mystique. Check it out.

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Dave B – Pearl [ALBUM]

Admittedly, I’m late getting to this Dave B album. But with a project this good, there’s really no time limits. Easily one of my favorite artists in the Northwest, Dave continues his streak of dropping consistent and timeless music with Pearl. 

From the opening track to the bonus track, Dave’s 3rd album impresses with smart lyrics, soulful melodies and beautiful production. Magnum and Sweetest Thing stood out to me, but each listen has me discovering gems, such as the expert rap flow on Dreamboy, which also includes heartfelt words from his mom. Production from Darius Rios, Elan Wright, and Nima Skeemz power the project with dreamy beats that complement the rap-singer’s groovy flow.

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Warm Gun – Nu Diamonds / Got Me Now [VIDEO]

Seattle dynamo Warm Gun dropped an alluring visual for his sonically temptuous singles, Nu Diamonds and Got Me Now. 

It seems that Black Umbrella has taken over everything in Seattle, and I can’t say I’m mad. Clique cameos from Dave B, Raz Simone and Sam Lachow add life to the Sam Roberts-directed mini-flick and the likes of Emree Franklin don’t hurt a bit. 

Good luck not getting this one stuck in your head. 

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G-Low – No Comparisons

Portland rapper G-Low makes his WOHM debut with a somewhat eclectic 7 track EP, No Comparisons, which grew on me more with each listen. 

Sporting a measured but swaggy flow, he gathers production from SL333P, Deadxbrainz and J. Hixson, while going bar for bar with regional standouts Nick B, RC Spitta, Ugly Frank and Danny Sky. 

Different but dope, No Comparisons lives up to its name. Check it out. 

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Danny Sky – THX [AUDIO]

Burn Money Music representative Danny Sky makes a strong WOHM debut with a harmonic single in THX. Blending singing, rapping and soulful production the 22 year old Portland native is sure to turn a few heads with this one (which is also available on Spotify so go stream it there).

Though it hadn’t been announced yet, Danny is signed on as the special guest for February’s love-inspired THESIS, but I’ll keep the secret headliner under wraps for now. While we’re spilling tea, I should also mention that Danny has a fresh video coming out for THX in early February. Be sure to check back and we’ll have the super-clean visuals up for you soon. In the meantime, have fun singing along and come see him LIVE February 1st at Kelly’s Olympian!

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ItsMardi – American Way

Mardi is back with a solid slap produced by AzBeats. Thoughtful and catchy, American Way digs into the culture of capitalism and it’s impacts on society’s lower class.

The jazzy single touches on some serious concepts, from friendships and race to policing and Big Pharma, but never gets too heavy. Going the conscious route is not always Mardi’s thing, but he shows here that he does it exceptionally well. Check it out!

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SL333P – Vol. 2 [Instrumental]

SL333P (pronounced “sleep”, but not to be confused with Sleep of Oldominion) is a Portland producer who’s been making waves of late, and a few rappers have suggested I check out his latest beat tape, Vol. 2. I’m glad I did.

I don’t do much any rapping these days, but the warm and mellow production on his smart and consistent 9-track instrumental definitely inspire the flow. The SE Portlander has a knack for clean chops and soulful feels that don’t quite come off as boom-bap but definitely make the head nod. Expect to hear his work a lot in the near future, the youngin is doing his thing. #OutHere