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Gifted Gab ft. Mic Capes – Same Shit/Different Day [MUSIC VIDEO]

Can’t really go wrong when you put two of the Northwest’s all-time greatest lyricists on a track, and these new visuals – courtesy of Lord Burgundy – come as an added bonus. Traversing the streets of PDX, the duo of Mic Capes and Gifted Gab gear up and spit hot lava alongside some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. WOHM’s Renée Lopez and

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Blossom – Black Magic Woman [VIDEO]

When it comes to soul, Blossom has it in spades. Fresh off a plane or two from a little stint on network television, the Trini-born Portland girl finally gives us the visuals for the Fountaine-produced Black Magic Woman, easily one of the sexiest songs of the Spring. The Tim Slew-directed video beautifully captures what I’ve essentially always assumed

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Karma Rivera – “Good 4 U”

“Go and get yours, that’s the motto for the team.” WOHM regular Karma Rivera sums up her attitude and bad bitch persona on her newest track “Good 4 U” with a sprinkle from the feminist wave. Rivera has never had a problem speaking her mind and calling out those who may have more antiquated perspectives about the

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Alia Zin Releases New Music Video “Raise the Dead” for Wiccan Wednesday

“You gotta free them lives, or there is no hope.” This week Alia Zin’s #WiccanWednesday release came in the form of “Raise the Dead,” which is her first official music video and produced by PakkMusic Group. Alia starts off the video calm, talking to some friends outside of a party. The chill and lowkey party vibe

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Alia Zin Launches Wiccan Wednesdays with “Don’t Shoot” and “Reloaded”

“Maybe I want a Bulbasaur too, huh?” Alia Zin never ceases to impress me (and get me fired-up). Last Wednesday she dropped “Don’t Shoot,” the first in a weekly #WiccanWednesday series that will lead up to the release of her album, Wiccan on October 31st.  The song is another chilling woke-ass anthem written from her

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Most Out Here

I decided to do a photography post of all the stuff I’ve shot in the last month, showcasing events, photo shoots and special Ms. Lopez Media projects I’ve been working on. Keep up with my grind and all the dope moments I get to capture and be a part of! #mostouthere #MsLopezMedia The beginning of

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Samantha Gabrielle Launches New Blog, GoddessVibes

“I’m not really a model, so I’m not sure how to pose.” “Yeah well I’m not really a photographer, so I guess we’ll learn together!” I recently had the pleasure of meeting a cool young creative by the name of Samantha Gabrielle, a Portland-area gyal who exudes island vibes and a positive aura everywhere she

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Venture – DRUGS X WOLVES (1/1)

This is not the first time I’ve posted music from Venture, but the singer – now living in LA – caught my attention with a very creative remix of Travis Scott’s Drugs You Should Try. I mean, it’s not hard to sound good on a Travis Scott beat, but the way she flipped this was

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We Take Holocene 3: Alia Zin, Blossom, Karma Rivera, Vytell

Glenn Waco curates all-ladies lineup for his summer concert series (and Portland homecoming) this Wednesday. The first We Take Holocene showcased The Resistance artists Mic Capes, Rasheed Jamal Mikey Fountaine and Glenn Waco, while the second put Brookfield Duece and Dame Dolla in the spotlight. Both shows were a success and garnered lots of attention,

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China-Marie – Still ft. Jake&Papa

A month ago, tantalizing songstress China-Marie O’Neal came home and rocked #TheTHESIS, leaving minds blown and tongues wagging with her angelic voice and oozing sex appeal. Yesterday, she released a upbeat yet emotional second single – Still – which features LA-based duo JakeAndPapa, who add their masculine touch to the smooth soulful song. Heartbroken ballads over hip-hop-inspired grooves are always a