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The Dig w/ Rasheed Duval – Interviewing Milc (of Load B)

Fresh off of his controversial interview with U2 front man Bono, during which the talk show host accuses the nationally beloved humanitarian and lead singer of being “Struggle rapper of the year” in 2014 for forcing his “Mixtape” upon millions of unsuspecting & innocent iTunes users, Rasheed Duval uses his newfound spotlight to illuminate nationally

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Raz Simone – These Words

Im pretty glad I discovered this joint on one of my late night insomniac nights because it makes for a great vibe in said situation, as do most Raz joints though. Im fast becoming a big fan of Raz and this joint is really speeding up the process. If all goes according to plan WOHM

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iLL Chris – Bolo Tape / Birthday+Record Release Party

The homie iLL Chris does a lot for NW hip-hop; if you don’t know you better ask somebody. The APM general dropped his long awaited Bolo Tape just in time for Hanukkah, complete with features from Mic Phenom, Cally Reed, Illmaculate, Spac3man, Gifted Gab, Grynch, Leezy Soprano, Yo X, Fearce Vill, Smoke DZA and even

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Tuxedo – Do It [Official Video]

There are Rumors (of which I should really have followed up on by now I just looked it probably was done by who The Tuxedo Twitter account follows) that this recently release set of sounds (which I believe was an EP available on the website (TuxedoFunk.com) for download but no longer seems to be) is

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Nacho Picasso – Big A** Titties

This may be late but seeing as how its getting a bit late a night this seems like the perfect time to throw up Nachos newest offering. An ode to Chi Chi’s Grande!! Big Ass Titties by Nacho Picasso

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Mikey Vegaz – Victory [Single]

Mikey Vegaz returns with the first of what I’m sure will be a number of slaps. If an anthemic synths & reassuring bars is what Victory sounds like, you really can’t be mad.  *fire emoji* Oh, and it was produced by new Timbaland protege Buckmouth Beats.  #OutHere

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TSpoon – Loud [VIDEO]

Young Spoonta Kinte of the #SoarLosers cliq unveils a hard hitting banger dedicated to music volume and dope potency. Get your subs ready for this one. View Full Entry 1

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Vinnie Dewayne – ENVY (Prod. Dj Cones)

Straight out of St. Johns with a pit stop in the Chi, Vinnie Dewayne has been a scholar. In the same vein as some of his best songs of past, Vinnie pours his heart out painting a picture of his own life’s path and its correlation to his relationship to his older brother. If this

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Camila Recchio – Don’t

New to me, but brought to my attention via Andrew Savoie of Nu Era co producing the track, Camila Recchio gives a us a beautiful gift titled: Don’t. Am I crazy of is this song really really dope? Don't by Camila Recchio

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Jake One – Seaplane(Beat Tape)

The 206’s own Super produced does the unthinkable and gives out some free dope. He’s far past the needing to give fiends free samples phase and yet still he’s out here giving away the A1 like its turkeys on thanksgiving. Do I even need to tell you to download it?