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The THESIS: DanielSevenTwo, Mighty, Raquel Divar & Cory Oh, Verbz

Tonight the names above go up in lights for TheTHESIS, Portland’s marquee monthly hip-hop extravaganza, which features an amazing DJ – Verbz – and a rotating cast of phenomenal talent. Tonight’s line-up, as usual, is heavy on local talent. The young and popular DanielSevenTwo will take the stage for the first time, as will veteran

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TheTHESIS: Ms. Lopez’ Birthday Celebration featuring Fountaine, Vytell, Lisa Vazquez, Dre C

In case you forgot, today’s the first of the month. It’s also Thursday which means, it’s first Thursday… so tonight is TheTHESIS! Don’t worry, such details never fail us and we’ve got an exemplary show in store for you tonight at Kelly’s Olympian.  The big story, of course, is the return of Fountaine to our

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The Thesis: Stewart Villain, Bravo Domo, Epp

Putting up three rappers and a special guest is fun and all but I want to be honest, I get tired of the template sometimes, and I know you do too. So here in May, for the monthly first Thursday hip-hop extravaganza we call TheTHESIS, we’ll be switching it up and doing something a little

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The Thesis Two Year Anniversary: Two Nights, Two Shows!

As cliché as it may sound, I really can’t believe it’s already been two years of TheTHESIS. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun, and I’ve gottta say, we’ve been having a LOT of fun. I see no reason to stop now. The 25th month of Portland’s beloved concert series truly is truly

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The Thesis Recap: October

This Thesis was a doozy! So many dope artists came out to support each other… Just good vibes, dope talent and Unity in the room. Kelly’s was packed before the first artist even went on stage and we sold out the show by 10:30!  I just want to say that all of this went on

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The Thesis Photo Recap

Hopefully by now y’all know I love to put my ladies on, so I was really excited to see a full set from Raquel Divar! Last time she graced the stage she did a quick song on Alia Zin’s set at We Take Holocene…  Let’s just say that Raquel rapped her ass off! Next up was

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The THESIS XXII: Mikey Vegaz & FliBoiMoe, Raquel Divar, Lang & Drae Slapz, and Verbz

At The THESIS we support all types of hip-hop, and gangsta rap is no exception. Sometimes we call them “urban” or “street” when we don’t want to bring attention to the rappers the square world might consider “gangsta,” a term that honestly sounds ridiculous here in 2016, but everyone knows what we mean. My little brother

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Miss Lopez Media Presents: The Thesis Photo Recap

Capturing the artists at TheTHESIS is always one of my favorite things to do! August’s edition we had Bryson The Alien who gave a high energy performance. I had never had a chance to see him live before. Next up was Swiggle Mandela. I really like all the dope videos Swiggle’s been putting out! I

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The THESIS XXI: Th3ory Hazit, Swiggle Mandela, Bryson The Alien, Verbz

After 20 months of throwing the hottest monthly rap series in Portland, one might think we’d be pressed to put together fresh new line-ups. In reality, however, we’re just scratching the surface. You may have heard the rumblings, or maybe you haven’t, but tomorrow night we’re doing the same thing we do every First Thursday

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The Thesis June’s Editon

June’s Thesis was of course my favorite because it happened to land on the day of my birth! To be able to pick the line up and basically have my most favorite artists perform for me was so amazing! There isn’t much I love more than live music and being able to capture it with