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On: Revolution in the Age of Reproduction

When we talk about great Black leaders, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. practically roll off the tongue. After all, they made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause. They are what many people aspire to be and some even model their lives after. But why? We know how the movie ends and yet, people

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On: Charlie Hales and the White Man Diversity Retreat

I really tried to feel some kind of way about Charlie Hales and his white man diversity retreat. Really, I did. After all, you’ve got Hales, OG gentrifier and street sweeper of the homeless, using $56,000 of taxpayer money to hold an all white man diversity retreat at a golf resort. And did I mention

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Jessie Sponberg Runs for Multnomah County Sheriff

I’ve heard Jessie “Ozone” Sponberg say a lot of crazy stuff… So when I heard he was running for Sheriff of Multnomah County (i.e. Portland), I thought he was blowing well intentioned steam. Then THIS came out and I realized that he was dead serious. For those who watched the Tea Party’s rise to political

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Blue Monk Shutting Down

Conspiracy theorists will go to town with this, I’m sure. The Blue Monk – the venue that quickly became a buzzword for the War On Hip-Hop over the past two months – is closing it doors on April 29th after being bought out by an unnamed party. This comes as a surprise to many as

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Casey Jarman’s Open Letter to Portland’s Music Scene

Former Willamette Week editor Casey Jarman recently penned a compelling open letter to Portland’s music community in regards to what he describes as the police and fire marshal’s “repeated and overt action” to “target and preemptively silence artists”. He goes on to discuss the fallout of such activity on the city’s larger music scene, urging

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Portland’s Hot Sh***y Mess

Writing doesn’t pay all the bills, so I spend my weekdays working as a receptionist in Portland’s South Waterfront area. The area attracts a lot of upper-middle class residents. Portland Trailblazer Robin Lopez actually lives just a couple of blocks away. I don’t blame them, the buildings are lovely. Even the one I work in

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Razor Tongue Radio Debuts on Trak Life Radio

Shao Sosa and B-Dub‘s Tacoma-based radio show Razor Tongue Radio was recently picked up by LA-based Trak Life Radio and they launched their first show on the network last night. Featuring music from Goldini Bagwell, Illmaculate, Fresh Espresso, Arjay and more, the debut episode centered around an interview with some guy named Fahiym Acuay, who talked way

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Illmaculate on OPB

In a recent interview with Portland rapper Illmaculate and public information officer Sgt. Pete Simpson, OPB’s Think Out Loud delved into the increasingly documented Blue Monk incident. Definitely a good listen if you’re about that podcast life.

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28Hundred Presents: Luck One

The same folks that brought you the in-depth interview with The Flavr Blue (Seattle’s 206Up.com & NYC’s J. Change) introduced an interview with Portland rapper Luck One at his new home in Harlem where he talked about his music grind, gentrification , living in Seattle, and trying to reach the right audience. ) View Full

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Police Come To Hip Hop Show, Ruin Night For Everyone, Including Themselves

So, Luck One was in town on Saturday. When he got on stage at The Blue Monk around 11-ish, he was definitely in his element. The crowd was already hyped, women were happy to see him, the show was sold out and Portland Police Dept. had already pissed him off. Luck lives for this shit.