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Reflections & Conditioning: My Natural Hair Herstory

Now at the very end of Black History Month, I have decided to share what is arguably my blackest personal experience I’ve had to date: my natural hair journey. (That, and also embodying the stereotype that black folks are always late–to everything, all the time, throughout my entire life. Hence, why this post is late

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10 THINGS: Perfectly Valid Reasons to Break-Up

[PHOTO: Philip and I back in 2010, three years before our split. (Yes, I wore a relaxer and the Victoria’s Secret PINK collection back then).] If this article comes off a little too dark, edgy, free-spirited, or pessimistic..I don’t know what to tell you. It’s Winter? Fuck off? This article is for anyone who’s going through a

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Concert Buds: The Roseland Hosts Epic “TRAPSOUL” Debut

The Roseland really has a way of aging you. Luckily, in preparation for the Bryson Tiller show (and the long-ass line I would likely be caught in),  I bought a much-needed eighth of bud over the weekend—just $30 at Brothers Cannabis! What a time to be alive. And I’m not just referring to the kick-ass

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Raz Simone’s Epic 2015: What Does It All Mean?

Earlier this week, I wrote a piece on how I couldn’t put together an essay on Raz Simone. The aborted piece was supposed to coincide with the release of Raz’s latest project, Trap Spirituals. Then Raz announced he wasn’t releasing the album. To quote the post on his Facebook page: “Oh, I’m not dropping Trap

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On: Halloween, Holocene and PDX Nightlife

This grumpy rant might read like a personal attack on Holocene, because it is. Halloween is one of the few holidays I have become increasingly jaded about over the years. If I wanted to go get drunk at a bar while sporting falsies and baring a lot of skin, I could easily achieve all that

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Smitty In the City: Hip Hop Day

They say to never look a gift horse in the mouth, but we all know what happened in Troy. For the better part of 3 weeks, I’ve been contemplating, discussing, writing and re-writing my thoughts about this Thurday’s upcoming first annual Hip Hop Day in Portland. A really simple concept, Hip Hop Day was announced

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7 Revelations from Bumbershoot Weekend

Before leaving for Bumbershoot 2015 I wrote 10 Things: Artists I Just Can’t Miss. As circumstances would have it, I did end up missing 4 out of 10 acts: Nacho Picasso, Raz Simone, Ellie Goulding, and a talk from writer Ijeoma Oluo. I did, however, see some other great artists I hadn’t heard of (like

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‘Straight Outta Compton’ Beats The Odds

When Straight Outta Compton debuted this past weekend, there was concern nationwide about whether the film’s subject matter, coupled with a recent string of violence at U.S. movie theaters might affect its box office performance. It’s a disturbing trend to acknowledge, but ever since a gunman opened fire in an Aurora, Colo. theater during a

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How Can Meek Mill Rise Up & Overcome?

Sermon (of Sermon’s Domain) is a prodigy in the world of Hip-Hop journalism and a staple in the Seattle music scene. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years back on a Freshest In The NW panel and we’ve kept in touch ever since, fans of each other’s work in the NW scene. That said,

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The Gentrification of Blackness

In case you’ve never seen the highest grossing film of all time, it revolves around a hero who feels so sorry for the aliens whom he’s been assigned to infiltrate and obliterate that he chooses to live his life disguised as one of them, and is eventually discovered as a fraud before re-earning their trust