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TheTHESIS: Ms. Lopez’ Birthday Celebration featuring Fountaine, Vytell, Lisa Vazquez, Dre C

In case you forgot, today’s the first of the month. It’s also Thursday which means, it’s first Thursday… so tonight is TheTHESIS! Don’t worry, such details never fail us and we’ve got an exemplary show in store for you tonight at Kelly’s Olympian.  The big story, of course, is the return of Fountaine to our

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The Thesis: Stewart Villain, Bravo Domo, Epp

Putting up three rappers and a special guest is fun and all but I want to be honest, I get tired of the template sometimes, and I know you do too. So here in May, for the monthly first Thursday hip-hop extravaganza we call TheTHESIS, we’ll be switching it up and doing something a little

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Dame 3 “Rip City” Sneaker Launch

As you may have heard, superstar basketball player/rapper Damian Lillard is dropping his Dame 3 “Rip City” shoe today, and tomorrow he plans to celebrate the launch with you – the fans! Once again, Dame and adidas are tapping Amine to perform at the release – you may recall that Amine rocked Dame’s initial signature shoe

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TYuS Concert Free Ticket Giveaway!!!

While all-local rap shows have been buzzing crazy in Portland for at least a good year now, there haven’t been too many opportunities to indulge in R&B concerts that star The Town’s growing talent base. That all changes this Wednesday – 12/14 – when homegrown talent TYuS headlines an all-ages extravaganza at the Hawthorne Theater.

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Come See TYuS, Portland’s New R&B Star

Hopefully you’re not like me and super late to discovering Portland-based artist, TYuS. While I had heard the name before, I didn’t know that a) he was an R&B singer, and b) that some of his songs make for  excellent winter listening. In fact, it wasn’t until earlier this week that I actually got around

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The Thesis Two Year Anniversary: Two Nights, Two Shows!

As cliché as it may sound, I really can’t believe it’s already been two years of TheTHESIS. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun, and I’ve gottta say, we’ve been having a LOT of fun. I see no reason to stop now. The 25th month of Portland’s beloved concert series truly is truly

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We Take Holocene Interview with Glenn Waco [VIDEO]

A few months back I had the opportunity to catch up with prominent Portland activist and artist Glenn Waco at his We Take Holocene showcase. Recently Glenn made the move down south to California but specifically came back to host the fourth edition of his Hip Hop series in late August. This show has definitely

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Kami-Sama w/The Last Artful, Dodgr, Mic Capes & Fountaine

Feature image: Tiki This Thursday Mikey Fountaine puts Kami-Sama at The Liquor Store, his first-ever self-curated a show. And by the looks of the lineup it’s hard to see where he could go wrong. At the top of the bill sits The Last Artful, Dodgr, whose single “Squadron” has become a must-play anthem at local

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TNO X Bro Pluto X Compound Present: Walking Cliché Album Exhibit

Tonight at The Hawthorne Theatre we pay tribute to one of Portland’s most important rap artists, Stewart Villain, as he releases his new musical project, Walking Cliché.

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The Thesis Photo Recap

Hopefully by now y’all know I love to put my ladies on, so I was really excited to see a full set from Raquel Divar! Last time she graced the stage she did a quick song on Alia Zin’s set at We Take Holocene…  Let’s just say that Raquel rapped her ass off! Next up was