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Samantha Gabrielle Launches New Blog, GoddessVibes

“I’m not really a model, so I’m not sure how to pose.” “Yeah well I’m not really a photographer, so I guess we’ll learn together!” I recently had the pleasure of meeting a cool young creative by the name of Samantha Gabrielle, a Portland-area gyal who exudes island vibes and a positive aura everywhere she

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Marcus “Crownz” Cooper Talks About Krump, His Crew, and Their Upcoming Event

Listen, I can’t really dance. I mean, like most people with a modicum of musical talent I can learn the latest dance fads and get successfully jiggy in the club, but it’d be pretty far-fetched to catch me confidently gigging down a Soul Train line or accepting an invitation to battle. It’s not for lack of

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Dae Dae talks Portland Green, Family, and Going viral

While in town to open for Young Thug’s  Hy!£UN35 Tour, Atlanta-based rapper Dae Dae chopped-it-up with WOHM contributor Michelle Tran. When I spoke with soft-spoken rapper Dae Dae, one of many upcoming artists from hip-hop’s cultural mecca, I was also met with his relaxed crew. They all looked like touring veterans despite the fact that this

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THNDRTHF / Simple Talks About His Latest Project, “Posting While High”

 [Editor’s Note: The review for THNDRTHF’s new 51-track project dropped last Friday, and as promised, Daniel Wojciech is back with an in-depth interview with the Sandpeople staple and one of the more interesting fellas from Portland’s rap scene. Enjoy!] What are your goals with Posting While High? If I don’t release some of the music

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Concert Buds: A Talk With Derek Luh @ Skaterade Tour

Quit calling him Luh; it’s pronounced Lu, bitch.   When I finally got out of the rain and into The Roseland on Friday, February 5, I was promptly introduced to life-of-the-party and Skaterade Tour co-headliner Derek Luh. I could tell by his energy IRL that he was someone to be taken seriously. It was very apparent that dude

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Concert Buds: A Talk With Anjali World

WOHM was on the scene at the Roseland Theater for Skaterade Tour on Friday, and I got to sit down with all four headliners. Lucky me! Since there’s so much material, I’ll go through each artist’s interview one post at a time and you can check out my best shots from the evening. I’m starting

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REALTALK: Alia Zin On the Meaning Behind “Wiccan”

Feature image by Renee Lopez The lion-maned Alia Zin and her Portland-grown beau Glenn Waco left the PNW for a Long Beach residence a few months ago, but we still get partial claim to her fame since putting her on for her first-ever live performances in our little city. (Remember when she rocked the stage

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Packard Browne Talks About His New Event, SPLASH: A Hip Hop Collective

Portland hip-hop is on the up and up. People are truly starting to realize the depth of the talent present in the scene and both fans and artists are having as much fun as ever as the walls come down and cliques cross-pollinate. Tonight at the Rose Bar, the FLVX Society crew has a fun

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Reckless & Keith Canvas Discuss Making Music As Teenagers

Every so often I’m reminded of just how deep the Portland rap scene actually is. My recent push to locate young new artists has been a real eye-opener for me, and I really didn’t realize the following that some of these rap kids have. Take Reckless & Keith Canvas for example. The duo from Portland

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7 Slaps In The Sack Episode 15: Dave B

Carrick Wenke of TheBlowUp.co has made quite the name for himself with his 7 Slaps In The Sack series, in which he hangs out with dope rappers at the Everyday Music in Seattle. With a diverse cast of interviewees to date that includes regional heavyweights such as Gifted Gab, Nacho Picasso as well as non-NW phenoms