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The Thesis Recap Video

After two and a half years, TheTHESIS is still going strong. In fact, we’re still growing.  Our last show started off with a bang as surprise guest Young Onassis from LA took the stage, immediately drawing the crowd in. Raquel Divar and Cory Oh brought the bass, debuting their new video, Vandals, and performed a few

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P-Lo Discusses Portland Tour Stop & New Album, “More Than Anything”

  Later tonight, Bay Area trendsetter P-Lo takes over the Hawthorne Theatre for what’s sure to be a great show featuring openers Rexx Life Raj, sxlxmxn (FKA Stewart Villain) and Donte Thomas. An originator of the Heart Break Gang (Kehlani, Sage The Gemini, Iamsu!), P-Lo touts fresh lyrics over insane production and is currently pushing his

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Miss Lopez Media Fav Projects of 2016

I picked my favorite projects of 2016: Mic Capes with Concrete Dreams, Donte Thomas with Grayscale, and ROBy with Cartoon Summers ’16. I caught up with all 3 artists, asked them some questions about what happened in 2016, whats next, and took some fresh shots!   Below, I’ll talk about why I picked each album,

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We Take Holocene Interview with Glenn Waco [VIDEO]

A few months back I had the opportunity to catch up with prominent Portland activist and artist Glenn Waco at his We Take Holocene showcase. Recently Glenn made the move down south to California but specifically came back to host the fourth edition of his Hip Hop series in late August. This show has definitely

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The St. Johns Scholar – Exit Interview w/ Vinnie Dewayne

Last week, popular Portland rapper Vinnie Dewayne announced that he was going back to Chicago, the city where he got his college degree. The St. Johns native has been back in town less than 2 years, but in that time he’s created a massive buzz, dropped a town classic, and stirred up more than his

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League of Assassins Review + Interview

This past weekend I had the opportunity to host the 3rd installment of the Deadly Assassins “League of Assassins” dance event at Encore studios. For about 10 years now I’ve been heavily involved in the support of the Krump movement in the NW attending many shows and workshops along the way but this event has

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Samantha Gabrielle Launches New Blog, GoddessVibes

“I’m not really a model, so I’m not sure how to pose.” “Yeah well I’m not really a photographer, so I guess we’ll learn together!” I recently had the pleasure of meeting a cool young creative by the name of Samantha Gabrielle, a Portland-area gyal who exudes island vibes and a positive aura everywhere she

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Marcus “Crownz” Cooper Talks About Krump, His Crew, and Their Upcoming Event

Listen, I can’t really dance. I mean, like most people with a modicum of musical talent I can learn the latest dance fads and get successfully jiggy in the club, but it’d be pretty far-fetched to catch me confidently gigging down a Soul Train line or accepting an invitation to battle. It’s not for lack of

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Dae Dae talks Portland Green, Family, and Going viral

While in town to open for Young Thug’s  Hy!£UN35 Tour, Atlanta-based rapper Dae Dae chopped-it-up with WOHM contributor Michelle Tran. When I spoke with soft-spoken rapper Dae Dae, one of many upcoming artists from hip-hop’s cultural mecca, I was also met with his relaxed crew. They all looked like touring veterans despite the fact that this

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THNDRTHF / Simple Talks About His Latest Project, “Posting While High”

 [Editor’s Note: The review for THNDRTHF’s new 51-track project dropped last Friday, and as promised, Daniel Wojciech is back with an in-depth interview with the Sandpeople staple and one of the more interesting fellas from Portland’s rap scene. Enjoy!] What are your goals with Posting While High? If I don’t release some of the music