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Samantha Gabrielle Launches New Blog, GoddessVibes

“I’m not really a model, so I’m not sure how to pose.” “Yeah well I’m not really a photographer, so I guess we’ll learn together!” I recently had the pleasure of meeting a cool young creative by the name of Samantha Gabrielle, a Portland-area gyal who exudes island vibes and a positive aura everywhere she

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Portland Producer Bravo Domo Exists At The Vertex Where Krump And Hip-Hop Meet

If you haven’t heard of producer Bravo Domo as of yet, it’s probably a good idea to get familiar. The Portland native has made a real splash as of late capturing the attention of fellow Portland mainstays Mic Capes, Vinnie Dewayne, and most recently completed an entire EP with Yo! X titled “Silent Waves”. Putting his own

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X-Ray Web Series (Season Two)

The story of young Marcus Ray continues as Rostam Productions released the second season of the Portland-based underground rap drama, X-Ray. After finding his voice in season one, the protagonist – played by Mikey Fountaine – faces a new set of obstacles as well as new sources of support as art imitates life. The supporting cast – already

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TNO Entertainment Presents: 2Reps x Brookfield Duece x Nyce Lutchiano

Ask anybody involved and they’ll tell you that Portland rap is on a roll right now. Hordes of fans are making it out to see local lineups on all sides of town, any night of the week, and the cliques are merging, opening the doors for better and more exciting opportunities. Por ejemplo… Tomorrow evening The Hawthorne

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Reflections & Conditioning: My Natural Hair Herstory

Now at the very end of Black History Month, I have decided to share what is arguably my blackest personal experience I’ve had to date: my natural hair journey. (That, and also embodying the stereotype that black folks are always late–to everything, all the time, throughout my entire life. Hence, why this post is late

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BCxLD – My How Time Flies, Part I

This is the first album review I’ve written for WOHM where I’ve actually had extended time with an album. Usually I listen to the album 3-5 times scribbling notes along the way. Not this time, I’ve been listening to My, How Time Flies I all of February. Those “this could be Album of the Year” comments are

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Concert Buds: A Talk With Anjali World

WOHM was on the scene at the Roseland Theater for Skaterade Tour on Friday, and I got to sit down with all four headliners. Lucky me! Since there’s so much material, I’ll go through each artist’s interview one post at a time and you can check out my best shots from the evening. I’m starting

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Willamette Week Discusses The Upcoming “X-Ray” Web Series

Matt Singer might be a gentrifying Californian (his words, not mine!), but he sure does a great job putting on for local music and the related arts. His latest work is a high-level review of how X-Ray – an upcoming web series peddling the fictional tale of an underground Portland rapper – came to be. Gathering info

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Vinnie DeWayne’s “The St Johns Scholar” In Review

Before hearing any of the songs on The St. John’s Scholar, I saw the album art with the St. John’s Bridge and that made me happy. My relationship with Vinnie Dewayne’s music isn’t at all near that of an expert. I don’t possess any knowledge of the man’s music except my time spent listening to

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7 Slaps In The Sack Episode 15: Dave B

Carrick Wenke of TheBlowUp.co has made quite the name for himself with his 7 Slaps In The Sack series, in which he hangs out with dope rappers at the Everyday Music in Seattle. With a diverse cast of interviewees to date that includes regional heavyweights such as Gifted Gab, Nacho Picasso as well as non-NW phenoms