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Illmaculate – Trainspotting (Prod. by Chase Moore)

Fresh off of an interesting interview with OPB’s Think Out Loud radio program (and an even more interesting appearance at Portland’s Blue Monk last Saturday), PDX’s battle rap legend Illmaculate releases a little frustration on his new single Trainspotting ahead of the release of his new album Clay Pigeons, due 3/11.   Chase’s drums slap

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TxE Featured on XXL Magazine’s The Break

With groups like TxE carrying the torch, Portland’s hip-hop scene is slowly becoming a national presence (keyword: slowly – we’re getting there though).  Check them out on’s The Break, where they share their style, standout records, music videos, and more.  It’s great to watch all of their hard work begin to pay off.  #OutHere #OohKillEm View Full Entry 1

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Fall Tour Docu Series Finale [VIDEO]

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have released their fifth and final installment of their fall tour documentary series.  Media BS aside, it really looks like fun to be them right now.  Shoutout to the big homie Wanz for quitting his job to continue chasing his dream when most people his age wouldn’t have even considered it.  #GrammyFamily

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Mike Champoux – ‘I Need More’ OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

This is the first video from Mike’s most recent project titled L.I.F.E #OutHere

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5 Moments Blazer Fans Hate to Talk About…

A few SMH moments from our favorite Portland team.

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Fund XP’s Kickstarter, Chat With Macklemore

This could be your chance to chat with the king of thrifting.

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The Passing of the WOHM! Baton.

Editor-in-Chief, Jacob Espinoza, discusses his motives behind passing on his title.

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Portland Protesters Take Down Anti-Marijuana Billboard

U.N.I.T.Y. that’s a unity.

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Macklemore: A Hero’s Journey

The Northwest’s Luke Skywalker is ready to take on the world.

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Juice Radio’s Top 10 Freshest in the Northwest aka No They’re Not…

A top ten that might not have been?