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Portland Producer Bravo Domo Exists At The Vertex Where Krump And Hip-Hop Meet

If you haven’t heard of producer Bravo Domo as of yet, it’s probably a good idea to get familiar. The Portland native has made a real splash as of late capturing the attention of fellow Portland mainstays Mic Capes, Vinnie Dewayne, and most recently completed an entire EP with Yo! X titled “Silent Waves”. Putting his own

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Marcus “Crownz” Cooper Talks About Krump, His Crew, and Their Upcoming Event

Listen, I can’t really dance. I mean, like most people with a modicum of musical talent I can learn the latest dance fads and get successfully jiggy in the club, but it’d be pretty far-fetched to catch me confidently gigging down a Soul Train line or accepting an invitation to battle. It’s not for lack of

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Concert Buds: Beyoncé, ‘Lemonade’, and the Formation Tour

Why I’m an increasingly avid Beyoncé stan and wish Portland had a stadium to host the Formation world tour. PHOTOS BY JENNI MOORE Lately I feel like some of the most common things I hear people say about Beyoncé are “I’m not a part of the BeyHive by any means, but her new album is

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Concert Buds: Santigold’s We Buy Gold is 24 Karats

Editor’s Note: Michelle Tran is relatively new to the WOHM staff but has already been an invaluable asset to our team, bringing heightened copy-writing skills, social media prowess, plus her passion for live music and supporting a range of local artists. She’s usually ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing about the best

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We Out Here Magazine Presents: NE Portland Saturday Market

Following a two week “soft launch,” We Out Here Magazine proudly announces the Northeast Portland Saturday Market will be celebrating with a Grand Opening on May 7th, 2016 from noon to 7pm, and will continue to have unique events every Saturday through the Summer. An urban alternative to the popular downtown Saturday Market, the NEP

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Concert Buds: Gallant and ZHU’s “Neon City” Stops in Portland

After witnessing his jaw-dropping performance at Bumbershoot in September, I was somewhat shocked to see that Gallant was the opener for his Mind of a Genius labelmate on the Neon City tour. Electronic music producer/singer ZHU would have been the perfect warm-up for Gallant’s 40-minute set, but instead, Gallant kicked off the show at 9

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Concert Buds: Photos from 2Reps x Brookfield Duece x Nyce Lutchiano

TNO Entertainment Presents: 2Reps, Brookfield Duece, Nyce Lutchiano, D3, Mike The True, Tyler Gordon, Cold Bones Hawthorne Theater, 4/8/2016 Photos by Jenni Moore

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ON: Leaving (and Loving) Portland

 A mixed millenial’s search for community and identity in America’s whitest metropolis. I find it a little ironic that so many Californians are moving to the Pacific Northwest, and yet there is a continuous slew of Portlanders moving down to Cali. It’s somewhat bothersome to see so many friends, talented artists and potential community leaders

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THNDRTHF / Simple Talks About His Latest Project, “Posting While High”

 [Editor’s Note: The review for THNDRTHF’s new 51-track project dropped last Friday, and as promised, Daniel Wojciech is back with an in-depth interview with the Sandpeople staple and one of the more interesting fellas from Portland’s rap scene. Enjoy!] What are your goals with Posting While High? If I don’t release some of the music

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Concert Buds: 10 Take-aways From Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Northwest

Dearest Concert Buds, At this very moment I am writing this article from the depths of my post-concert depression (PCD). More specifically, my post-Bieber-concert depression. When it comes to writing about or discussing the ‘Purpose’ tour/album, it’s difficult to begin. You see, I became a hardcore Bieber fan wayyyy before it was socially acceptable. Ever since I