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On: Classics

Remember the mid 2000s, when there was a national push for artists to “make their Illmatic?” Questlove made the famous Illmatic quote about Jay-Z before the release of The Black Album, but Jay was far from the only one classic hunting. Albums like The Minstrel Show and Rip the Jacker made it clear that many

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On: Revolution in the Age of Reproduction

When we talk about great Black leaders, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. practically roll off the tongue. After all, they made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause. They are what many people aspire to be and some even model their lives after. But why? We know how the movie ends and yet, people

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On: Finding Self-Esteem in Eugene

Sometimes, to be the change you want to see, you have to first see the change you want to see. Yesterday, the Urban League sent Intisar Abioto and me down to Eugene to cover the African American Rites of Passage Summer Academy, or AAROP. As a former Prospective Gent (of the now defunct Bridge Builders),

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On: Charlie Hales and the White Man Diversity Retreat

I really tried to feel some kind of way about Charlie Hales and his white man diversity retreat. Really, I did. After all, you’ve got Hales, OG gentrifier and street sweeper of the homeless, using $56,000 of taxpayer money to hold an all white man diversity retreat at a golf resort. And did I mention

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On: The Whitelandia Controversy

Maybe I just missed the memo because I grew up in Lake Oswego, but why do we spend so much time in the Black people meetings talking about white people? Isn’t that, in itself, a form of white supremacy? Take the latest “outrage” over the documentary “Whitelandia” for example. If you haven’t heard about it,

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On: I Don’t Care About Ending Racism

I didn’t want to write this. But at some point, you can’t let people keep trying to make you care that Mark Cuban is scared of Black boys in hoodies. Younger, wealthy, white people can be racist too? Who knew? Truth be told, I could care less about ending racism. Ending white supremacy? I’m with

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On: When Supportland Happens

[Editors Note: I’m extremely pleased to present the following op-ed / week in review from Portland journalist Bruce Poinsette. Following a few years at The Skanner, Bruce has been doing freelance work and I’m can’t express how excited I am to add his perspective to our crew.] Something strange happened in Portland this week. Unity.