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10 THINGS: Perfectly Valid Reasons to Break-Up

[PHOTO: Philip and I back in 2010, three years before our split. (Yes, I wore a relaxer and the Victoria’s Secret PINK collection back then).] If this article comes off a little too dark, edgy, free-spirited, or pessimistic..I don’t know what to tell you. It’s Winter? Fuck off? This article is for anyone who’s going through a

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Sexting: What You’re Doing Wrong

It’s been nearly two years since politician Anthony Weiner brought sexting to the mainstream media—more about that here—but it’s like not the controversy surrounding erotic texts has disappeared. If anything, it’s been discussed more heavily as we all try to figure out how to exactly this relatively new aspect of dating and what it means

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Digital Transparency – Dating Downfall?

The idea of a “Fresh Start” is gone the way of the compact disc, and we again have technology to thank.

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Relationships, Digital Music, and the New Mix Tape

Mix tapes have always been great. Now, they are just a lot easier to make.

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DIGITALLY YOURS: Tech, Transparency, and New Relationships

A deeper look into technology and developing new relationships.

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LOL, BRB and the Shorthand of Texting and Dating

A few rules and thoughts on texting in the dating world.

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DATING & TECHNOLOGY: An Analog Guy in a Digital World

Has online dating ended the need to have balls?