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Concert Buds: A Talk With Derek Luh @ Skaterade Tour

Quit calling him Luh; it’s pronounced Lu, bitch.   When I finally got out of the rain and into The Roseland on Friday, February 5, I was promptly introduced to life-of-the-party and Skaterade Tour co-headliner Derek Luh. I could tell by his energy IRL that he was someone to be taken seriously. It was very apparent that dude

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Concert Buds: A Talk with EJAAZ @ Skaterade Tour

When I first met rapper-singer-songwriter Ejaaz the first thing that struck me was how amicable-yet soft spoken he was. On stage though, the Indianapolis-based artist’s entire being revs to life, and the shirt is apt to come off (obvi).  I feel like Ejaaz’ music style spans rap, alternative, and R&B genres…but I don’t want to

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Concert Buds: A Talk With Anjali World

WOHM was on the scene at the Roseland Theater for Skaterade Tour on Friday, and I got to sit down with all four headliners. Lucky me! Since there’s so much material, I’ll go through each artist’s interview one post at a time and you can check out my best shots from the evening. I’m starting

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Concert Buds: The Roseland Hosts Epic “TRAPSOUL” Debut

The Roseland really has a way of aging you. Luckily, in preparation for the Bryson Tiller show (and the long-ass line I would likely be caught in),  I bought a much-needed eighth of bud over the weekend—just $30 at Brothers Cannabis! What a time to be alive. And I’m not just referring to the kick-ass