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10 THINGS: Producers We Like On The Mic

It can be fun to laugh at the ill-advised producers that publicly fail in their attempts to rhyme on records; but truth  be told, there are some quality combo-artists out here in the Great Northwest doing it all. We decided to focus on the positive today and talk about them. I remember interviews from guys

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10 THINGS: People #Winning With Social Media

We love social media. It is hands down the best way to rally people for 2-3 days for a cause that they will forget as soon as a new one comes along. It ‘s also a great way to make friends and fans and/or stalk “follow” people you adore or perhaps just want to know

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10 Things: NW Artists Making Moves in 2014

Northwest hip-hop is buzzing now more than it has been in a very very long time. Good music and controversy have been shedding light on the region and the artists doing big things here. We here at WOHM are all about giving props where they’re due so here is a list of artists who are doing their

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10 Things: NW Artists You Can Run Into At SXSW

Well folks, we’re just a couple of weeks away from the music portion of SXSW. I’m glad the festival comes in early March because with February being the shortest month of the year (Happy Black History Month) it makes the wait seem much shorter. Last year I promised myself I would make it to SXSW this

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10 Things: NOT To Do For Valentine’s Day

*insert obligatory anti-Valentine’s Day rant here* Now, back to the real world where wives and girlfriends contemplate castration when their men fudge up Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, hate it or love it, Valentine’s is here to stay. No matter how made up it is. That said, nobody wants an angry woman on their hands so here’s

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10 THINGS: DIY Artists Should Consider Farming Out

Being a Do-It-Yourself recording artist is all the rage these days. From Kanye to Sapient to Stewart Villain to Eminem, there are extremely talented rap artists across the country who’ve expanded their horizons and taken full control of their crafts with success. But everyone is not good at everything, and at times, DIY artists’ products

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10 THINGS: Black Portland Didn’t Know About Black Portland

So we have to talk about this Black Portland thing, right? Right. If you haven’t heard, ATL rappers Yung Thug & Bloody Jay recently dropped a mixtape titled Black Portland. I found the interview in FADER to be funny, and honestly didn’t take it too seriously. A few pseudo-hippie Black kids from ATL, feeling like

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10 Things: You’ll Need To Survive Until The Summer

The one thing that ties the whole Northwest region together is the crappy weather. Truthfully,  it could be much worse; we escape tornados, blizzards and other weather extremes, but all the cold and/or wet weather puts such a damper on things. Once the holidays are over, we don’t have houses full of relatives and hot

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10 THINGS: You Should Not Tell Your Girlfriend

There are a few of us who’ve been with the same person our entire lives, but most of us have been through a break-up or two. One of the scariest feelings in an ugly break-up is what the bitter ex will do with the information he or she accumulated while the relationship lasted. Say that

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10 THINGS: Necessary For New Year’s Day

For many of us, the New Year’s Day turn down is real. Hopefully, everyone is up and recovering well… But that just got me thinking, what are the most necessary things to have on New Year’s Day? Well here goes…