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HalfManHalf – FILTH [ALBUM]

The PDX native made the move to Sacramento recently, and after a 5 year break between projects, HalfManHalf dropped an impressive full length project that demonstrates¬†his artistic¬†focus and¬†stands as¬†a¬†cohesive body of work. The boombap rapper copped production from some of The Town’s best, bringing Trox, N.VS, Ari Stackhouse, Theory Hazit, Lawz and Lukis Beeats in¬†to

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Gifted Gab – Gab The Most High [ALBUM]

Seattle rap queen Gifted Gab talks big on her new album Gab The Most High, giving her fans what they’ve long been waiting for. With 3 projects under her belt – Queen La’Chiefah, Girl Rap and G-Shit – Gab put out her most ambitious album to date, with 14 tracks and a variety of styles

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Yo! X & Bravo Domo – #SilentWavez [EP]

I don’t say this often, but this is exactly the project that Yo! X needed. The SE Portland trapper has shown promise for years, but seems to have really dialed in recently. The D$C squad mainstay has been electric at shows as of late, and his new project with PDX-area producer Bravo Domo is flame.

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Jon Belz & Dain – Ghost Dog [EP]

“Know the difference the coaching is so specific /¬†From the thorns, a rose most prolific / And now I’m in the game droppin’ anvils /¬†and he’ll bring ya campaign to a standstill.” ¬†¬† ~Jon Belz (On Fire) I got a chance to catch up with Jon Belz and DaiN the other night at the XRAY.FM

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Key Nyata – Dad Of The Year [EP]

Key Nyata is one of the most consistently dope rap artists in the NW, and he just dropped off his first project of 2016, Dad Of The Year. The THRAXXHOUSE representative – whom I recently read started off with the Raider Klan – has long been revered for his dark, heavy vibes and unapologetic trap-themes,

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Marki$ Apollo – Nightmares On 6th Ave [Part 1]

“Blood on my conscience/ my inner vision/ steady getting darker/ look how my n***as livin/¬†n***a we penny pinchin/ the harder way/ she took my heart away/ searchin for brighter days” ~Markis Apollo (It Only Gets Darker) Portland by way of Dallas¬†rap artist Markis Apollo just dropped off his new 8-track project, Nightmares On 6th Ave

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Hip-Hop Junkies Presents: Jon Belz x Trox – Loud Pack

We’ve been waiting for this album for far too long and it’s finally here! Two of the town’s very best, producer Trox and emcee Jon Belz joined forces to create Loud Pack,¬†in an¬†effort led by Hip Hop Junkies. The highly collaborative album is anchored by top-notch production and frenetic raps, and interspersed with fantastic guest

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Brookfield Duece x John Blunt – Boondocks Saints 2

Progress is always something that fans want to see in artists. Oakland’s Brookfield Duece¬† and Atlanta’s John Blunt¬†got together for a second installment of their Boondocks Saints series, making impressive strides in sound quality and looking to build a franchise. The noticeably well-produced mixtape and impeccable chemistry¬†indicates that the duo – who have never actually

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Heff (SQD) – Rookie Of The Year [EP]

If you’re watching Portland’s all-ages rap scene, you should know about SQD, and if you know about SQD, you ought to know about Heff. The 19 year old uptempo rapper with the million dollar smile has been a particularly bright spot in the youthful crew’s lineup, incorporating solid bars into his calculated, contemporary style. Following¬†a

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THNDRTHF’s 51-Track “Posting While High” In Review

The cool thing about the tracks that THNDRTHF raps over is that it sounds like Simple verses only upgraded. This of course is not his marketing plan or selling point, but unprobed this dood told me his verses on Posting While High were all freestyles. That is dope to me because I listened to all