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Brookfield Duece Hits The Mark With Upcoming Album “America’s Orphans”

Now this is what a studio album is supposed to sound like. Oakland’s Brookfield Duece is no stranger to Portland rap. For five-plus years, he’s been in the mix, finding his lane and directing traffic in a crowded creative scene. His upcoming offering, America’s Orphans, is unequivocally his best work to date. The conceptually heavy

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Al-One Releases “Back 2 The Northwest” On Stand Alone Records

Just six months after dropping his 2017 album, Sharptongue, Sandpeople alum Al-One is back with another full-length album with Back 2 The Northwest. While the crafty NW vet’s discography dates back to the late 90s, B2TNW is the flagship project for his new record label, Stand Alone Records, and what an entrance it is. The unique

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Paris Alexa – Bloom [ALBUM]

Singer/looper/producer Paris Alexa dropped her highly anticipated new project, Bloom, this morning, and it’s everything we wanted.  The 7-track R&B/Soul experience is solid from top to bottom, putting the 19 year old Seattle songstress’ skills on full display. Acoustic and upbeat production pairs wonderfully with Paris’ powerful voice, lending to a sensual and intimate listen.  Deadhead

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Dave B – Pearl [ALBUM]

Admittedly, I’m late getting to this Dave B album. But with a project this good, there’s really no time limits. Easily one of my favorite artists in the Northwest, Dave continues his streak of dropping consistent and timeless music with Pearl.  From the opening track to the bonus track, Dave’s 3rd album impresses with smart lyrics,

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The Ultimate Listener’s Guide To Better Late Than Never

Front Page Music signee Brookfield Duece dropped a Soundcloud mixtape this month in curious fashion, releasing one EP at a time for four weeks, the sum of which form an impressively coherent – if not concise – mixtape. Better Late Than Never is a complex project that offers quite a lot beyond the tricky packaging. Ambitious in

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Rasheed Jamal – Indigo Child [ALBUM]

Cover photo by Renee Lopez Portland has put out some really good projects this year, but few have moved me as much as Indigo Child by Rasheed Jamal, available in full on Spotify and iTunes. Jamming 13 songs into 46 skit-free minutes, Rasheed masterfully executed his vision for navigating his continued existence in a flawed

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Al-One: The Remedy – Sharptongue [EP]

“Rey on the dang drums, motivate me to say su’um/  For real I been a microphone killa since day one” From The Chosen, to Sandpeople, to Alphabet Stew, Al-One has been one of Portland’s most respected underground MCs since the late nineties and never strays from his roots.  His latest solo venture, Sharptongue, serves as a

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A-RU$$ – You Know Who You Are [EP]

I’m just going to keep stressing it; A-RU$$ is the real deal and I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon. His ability to weave between the hip-hop and R&B worlds as either part of a collective or as a solo artist is truly impressive, and his charisma is off the charts. This weekend, he dropped a

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Mic Capes – Concrete Dreams [ALBUM REVIEW]

Cover photo by Ryan DeReamer 4 years ago, Mic Capes burst onto the Portland rap scene with his debut solo album, Rise & Grind, a gloriously introspective – yet noticeably raw – 18-track project that put the young Portlander’s invincible flow and artistic vision on full auditory display. The iconic project served as a catalyst for hip-hop in

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Shelton Harris – Awake [EP] + Strangers [VIDEO]

Speaking of that clean, upbeat Seattle sound, Tyler Dopps has been at work. The masterful producer behind rising Seattle star Shelton Harris, Tyler is a force to be reckoned with. That’s not to take anything away from the emcee though. Shelton Harris’ name has been in my ear for years but he honestly just caught