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abstrct – Progress EP

It’s safe to say, Adrian ‘abstrct’ Anaya is a diamond in the rough that Portland has yet to find. The Portland native has taken time out to re-establish his sound since his debut release, Patience, in 2014. This year he brings us a 5 track EP. Anaya mentioned that he took a hiatus after the

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One Day, It’ll All Make Cents

Hip-Hop has been taking a lot of random left turns lately. I’ve learned recently that new sub-genres have integrated and they belong with the culture whether I like them or not. The newest trends in rap have been centered in trap and mumble rap, grading artists on their following and club potential, rather than musical

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C.I. Bang – Run My City [VIDEO]

Let’s set the record straight, We Out Here Magazine is a publication that writes about Northwest lifestyle. This doesn’t exclude those who have been to the Northwest, even though they may reside elsewhere. I’ve decided to venture out and look into a few artists from the Bay Area. I first met C.I. Bang, the Oakland

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Brookfield Duece Addresses The Unwilling

I think it’s safe to say that I don’t have to explain who Brookfield Duece is, or what he does for the Portland music scene. In the City of Bridges, Duece brought his talents all the way from Brookfield to share his life story through music. I last saw Duece after performing at The Thesis:

January 11, 2017 in Music, Video by

Foday – Never [MUSIC VIDEO]

Foday decided to step onto the scene with a video called Perfect, but now he’s ready to show us how imperfect America is. The 23 year old Northeast Portland native reminds us that even though it’s a new year, we’re in the same place. Foday brings us a new visual called ‘Never’ which was produced

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Mat Randol & Snugsworth – Libero EP

The Webster definition of libero is “the rearmost, most defensive player in a volleyball match or soccer game”. The title name of this six track EP still intrigues me. But after a quick Twitter check by Snugsworth, I have been informed that the EP is based around the Italian word meaning “free”. My WOHM colleague

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Showtime – Cooper Glass feat. Nick B

Cooper Glass decided to make his WOHM debut as he packs his bags and heads overseas to Thailand. The newly established Portland artist has taken some time to step back and observe the scene while he re-establishes himself as a brand. The lyrical loud mouth rapper lays out his rhythmic flow on his newest single,

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It’s Time To Stop Sleeping On Dior Worthy

I first met Dior Worthy after I opened for Tory Lanez at the Hawthorne Theater a while back. As I walked off stage for a quick smoke break he dapped me up, congratulated me and asked me to stick around for his set. When I came back to the stage area he had half of

September 19, 2016 in Music by

ROBy – Cartoon Summers

  This guy ROBy is something else, in a good way. He can turn up on a beat with that wavy, feel good atmosphere; or break down the problems of society into a science like most of the Golden Era artists. Although Cartoon Summers is only considered a summer mixtape aimed to promote his upcoming

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Rare Vibe Claims Team Valor With Moltres, FT. Lang, Brookfield Duece & Flame Emoji

Let me just start out by acknowledging how smart this release was. Pokémon Go is literally taking the technology world by storm right now. Lang, Duece and Drae Slapz capitalized on this trend by putting out a wavy single titled “Moltres,” inspired by the ‘most flame’ Pokémon in the game. The crew puts a twist