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PDX On Point – MLK Sunday at Ainsworth UCC

Ainsworth United Church of Christ is quite unlike many other churches in America. In their own words, Ainsworth UCC is “multi-cultural, multi-racial, open and affirming.” And they’re pretty serious. Thirty years ago, 2nd Reform Church, a white congregation, was renting space to St. Andrews Church, a black congrregation, for separate services on Sunday afternoons. The

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PDX On Point: Earthquake Hurricane

Fact: If you’re looking for good beer in Portland, you’re going to have to risk hipster contact.  It is what it is. Turns out, if you’re looking for good comedy AND good beer, you have venture into a hipster bike shop, be inundated by a hipster “blues” band and somehow get the attention of a hipster bartender.

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Horizun- Light Up Night

Portland singer, dancer and rapper Horizun dropped this track today. It aspires to be a fun, sugary dance hit, and, remarkably, aside from the beat (produced by ID Labs), is all Mr. Horizon; vocals, mixing, mastering, everything. He’s a talented guy (if not a busy one). I like where  he was going with Light Up

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Ignorant/Reflections Brand Pre-Launch Facebook Contest

WOHMers, I’d like you to meet Donovan. Why, you may ask? Well, because Donovan wants to meet you. Or, rather, he wants to talk to you. All of ya’ll. Portland native Donovan Smith is the creator of Ignorant/Reflections, a graphic apparel project designed to foster meaningful conversations in public. He wears provocative images and phrases

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Police Come To Hip Hop Show, Ruin Night For Everyone, Including Themselves

So, Luck One was in town on Saturday. When he got on stage at The Blue Monk around 11-ish, he was definitely in his element. The crowd was already hyped, women were happy to see him, the show was sold out and Portland Police Dept. had already pissed him off. Luck lives for this shit.

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Tea Time… w/ The Abiotos (Pt. 2)

Continued from Pt. 1… Kalimah, easily the quietest of the group, is probably the easiest to peg down of the four. She sings, dances and acts, but mostly, you’ll see her behind the scenes, usually with a camera. Photography, videography, editing, producing… Nearly every event an Abioto is part of is going to include Kalimah,

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Tea Time… w/ The Abiotos

[Editor’s Note: Intisar Abioto wasn’t born in the Northwest, but her artistic, cultural and grassroots work in Portland have garnered attention from major news sources including OPB, The Oregonian, and even Al-Jazeera (though the article has since been deleted.) But she does not work alone, we found. In fact, there is an entire clan of

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Tea Time w/ Mic Capes

When Mic Capes is happy to see you, you know it. When I wandered into a dimly lit bar for a Resistance show on September 27th, Capes’ midnight face lit up the room like a disco ball. “Look who’s here!” It’s kind of funny. When Capes (real name Michael Caples) greets you, he doesn’t jump

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#BYOF? (Bring Your Own Fans)

Editor’s Note: WOHM would like to introduce freelance writer Saidah Ali Wilson, who succinctly chronicled her experience at Northwest Hip-Hop Fest while exploring a phenomenon detrimental to the Portland Hip-Hop scene and coining the phrase “BYOF”. Enjoy! ~Mac Smiff, Editor-in-Chief 8:45PM Big Mo – I haven’t been to a lot of hip-hop festivals, but if