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Miss Lopez Media Fav Projects of 2016

I picked my favorite projects of 2016: Mic Capes with Concrete Dreams, Donte Thomas with Grayscale, and ROBy with Cartoon Summers ’16. I caught up with all 3 artists, asked them some questions about what happened in 2016, whats next, and took some fresh shots!   Below, I’ll talk about why I picked each album,

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The Thesis Recap: October

This Thesis was a doozy! So many dope artists came out to support each other… Just good vibes, dope talent and Unity in the room. Kelly’s was packed before the first artist even went on stage and we sold out the show by 10:30! ¬†I just want to say that all of this went on

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Most Out Here

It was a stupid crazy month! Check out what I’ve been up to! The beginning of September started with The Thesis. I captured Raquel Divar who rapped her ass off, Lang who always comes with those Rare VIbes, and Mikey Vegaz. View Full Entry 1

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The Thesis Photo Recap

Hopefully by now y’all know I love to put my ladies on, so I was really excited to see a full set from Raquel Divar!¬†Last time she graced the stage she did a quick song on Alia Zin’s set at We Take Holocene… ¬†Let’s just say that Raquel rapped her ass off! Next up was

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Miss Lopez Media Presents: The Thesis Photo Recap

Capturing the artists at TheTHESIS is always one of my favorite things to do! August’s edition we had Bryson The Alien who gave a high energy performance. I had never had a chance to see him live before. Next up was Swiggle Mandela. I really like all the dope videos Swiggle’s been putting out! I

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Most Out Here

I decided to do a photography post of all the stuff I’ve shot in the last month, showcasing events, photo shoots and special Ms. Lopez Media projects I’ve been working on. Keep up with my grind and all the dope moments I get to capture and be a part of! #mostouthere #MsLopezMedia The beginning of

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The Thesis June’s Editon

June’s Thesis was of course my favorite because it happened to land on the day of my birth! To be able to pick the line up and basically have my most favorite artists perform for me was so amazing! There isn’t much I love more than live music and being able to capture it with

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The Thesis || May 2016 || Photo Recap

I was excited to shoot this one because I got to use my new camera! When I arrived it was already lit and people were trying to get in, but it had already sold out! We keep telling people come early and come on time… Anyways, I watched Mac and Max finesse the door guy till

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TheThesis: November Photo Recap

It’s been a minute since I’ve shot live music. I wanted to take a break and focus on brushing up my skills in other areas of photography. I never want to¬†box myself into something,¬†even though live music is my favorite thing to shoot! I missed The¬†THESIS in October¬†and¬†it felt like forever since¬†I’d been to one,

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Alia Zin Live @ TheTHESIS + Announcing August Line-Up

Now Portland knows who Alia Zin is! She killed her opening performance at¬†the¬†Ladies Only¬†July Edition of TheTHESIS and¬†I can’t wait to see what happens next with this young queen. Clearly,¬†this is just the beginning. Check out the video below and read on for an important update about next month’s edition of TheTHESIS!