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Fighting for freedom or freedom for donors?

By: We Out Here Staff Republican state senator Dallas Heard is no stranger to extremist controversies. Like a moth to the flame, he appears to be drawn to them somehow. Now, he appears to be inciting more controversy under the guise of freedom but it may be more related to favors for donors. First, he

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Don’t Shoot Portland Announces New Series of Community Safety Trainings

In response to the upswing in hate crimes and incidents of violence towards marginalized communities in Portland, and Oregon at large, Don’t Shoot Portland will be hosting a series of workshops and training designed to develop a community safety network. People may attend to learn strategies and tools for responding to hate crimes and protecting

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‘Straight Outta Compton’ Beats The Odds

When Straight Outta Compton debuted this past weekend, there was concern nationwide about whether the film’s subject matter, coupled with a recent string of violence at U.S. movie theaters might affect its box office performance. It’s a disturbing trend to acknowledge, but ever since a gunman opened fire in an Aurora, Colo. theater during a

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Sexting: What You’re Doing Wrong

It’s been nearly two years since politician Anthony Weiner brought sexting to the mainstream media—more about that here—but it’s like not the controversy surrounding erotic texts has disappeared. If anything, it’s been discussed more heavily as we all try to figure out how to exactly this relatively new aspect of dating and what it means

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Fitness is Doing: A New Vision for Salem

Salem’s Courthouse Athletic Club is taking a new position on fitness.

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Are You a Good Communicator?

Life is built on relationships. Relationships are built on communication. If you are not able to communicate effectively with the people around you, then you are going to have a difficult path through life.

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The Josh Slonecker Story

The accident that put him in a wheelchair may have saved his life.

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Five Lessons That Will Help You Become Happy and Successful

Social entrepreneur Kyle Morrow shares lessons in success he teaches to classrooms throughout Oregon.

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Sleeping Outside City Hall: A Christmas Story

Portland’s newest homeless citizen is out to raise awareness.

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Gen.Erik August Journal #2 (8/26/11)

Journal Entry #2 from Erik in NY