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Dave B – Loosies (Prod. By Jake One & Stewart Villain)

I remember listening to last years Freshest In Northwest conversations and hearing some folks really really riding for this cat Dave B who I had never heard of. I didn’t really try to find any of his music and I later heard of him opening up for a couple shows but other than that I

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Load B – 80 BLOxxx [Video]

The Northeast boys from Load B show you what an average sleepy night on Dekum is like before they embark on their great Escape from Snortladia. Sadly, it looks like Fred couldn’t make it to the set of this video as he was in New York shooting his passion project.  Enjoy the uncontrolled chaos of an

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TeamBackPack Cypher – Kosha Dillz, Mega Ran, Stewart Villain [Video]

The good people at TeamBackpack bring us another installment of their ‘LAX to JFK’ series featuring Kosha Dillz, Mega Ran and Portlands own Stewart Villain over a beat Produced by who? Stewart Villain. PDX stand up. View Full Entry 1

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Load B – Escape From Snortlandia

If Fred Armisen is in any of the visuals for this project the streets of northeast will run wild with pandemonium as the nation turns its attention towards the greatest musical master piece of our generation. If Portlandia star never makes it into one of the videos on ‘Snortlandia’ the world will still take notice

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The Dig w/ Rasheed Duval – Interviewing Milc (of Load B)

Fresh off of his controversial interview with U2 front man Bono, during which the talk show host accuses the nationally beloved humanitarian and lead singer of being “Struggle rapper of the year” in 2014 for forcing his “Mixtape” upon millions of unsuspecting & innocent iTunes users, Rasheed Duval uses his newfound spotlight to illuminate nationally

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TSpoon – I Do It (Feat. Tre Redeau) [Official Video]

If you had to ask me who the freshest cat on the preverbal block was in the Northwest was right now I would say either Tacoma’s Ugly Frank or Portland’s TSpoon, and Spoon is putting out Heat right now! If you haven’t heard Spoon’s Latest project The Cost Of Living your really slackin and you

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Raz Simone – These Words

Im pretty glad I discovered this joint on one of my late night insomniac nights because it makes for a great vibe in said situation, as do most Raz joints though. Im fast becoming a big fan of Raz and this joint is really speeding up the process. If all goes according to plan WOHM

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Scottie P (PC of Chill Crew) – Part One: Years End (EP)

Chill Crew WOHM WOHM! Sam Lingle Films

A lot of you may know Scottie P(C) from being 1/2 of Chill Crews MC’s but many dont know that Portland native who has within the last year transplanted to the emerald city originally linked with his lyrical cohort as a producer. He has decided that now is the time to release some productionoral fire,

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Vinnie Dewayne – Rites of Passage EP: Before the Scholar

North Portland / St. Johns cant seem to get more love when it comes to publicity recently and its not without good reason as Vinnie (and many others) continue to prove. Vinnie warming up for dropping ‘The St. Johns Scholar’ gives us a 10 TRACK(!!!!) EP as a precursor to his full length. I haven’t

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Vinnie Dewayne – DWBM (Prod. I.P.)

Certified stump town star Vinnie Dewayne is rising to national under ground recognition and continues to drop gems with his latest offering ‘DWBM’ which is the first installment of a #ScholarSundays series which will lead up to his release of ‘The St. Johns scholar’ Project. Also, Vinnie a few days ago released an extended audio