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THNDRTHF / Simple Talks About His Latest Project, “Posting While High”

 [Editor’s Note: The review for THNDRTHF’s new 51-track project dropped last Friday, and as promised, Daniel Wojciech is back with an in-depth interview with the Sandpeople staple and one of the more interesting fellas from Portland’s rap scene. Enjoy!] What are your goals with Posting While High? If I don’t release some of the music

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THNDRTHF’s 51-Track “Posting While High” In Review

The cool thing about the tracks that THNDRTHF raps over is that it sounds like Simple verses only upgraded. This of course is not his marketing plan or selling point, but unprobed this dood told me his verses on Posting While High were all freestyles. That is dope to me because I listened to all

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BCxLD – My How Time Flies, Part I

This is the first album review I’ve written for WOHM where I’ve actually had extended time with an album. Usually I listen to the album 3-5 times scribbling notes along the way. Not this time, I’ve been listening to My, How Time Flies I all of February. Those “this could be Album of the Year” comments are

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Cee Goods – Roots [Instrumental EP]

So I just want to let y’all know that I’m a cheap mother f***er. I don’t buy new music. The last album I bought at a record store was Kurt Vile’s “B’lieve I’m Goin Down.” I buy my clothes and sneakers at thrift stores. My main splurge is typically a bag of weed on a

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Raz Simone’s Trap Spirituals In Review

Raz Simone isn’t exactly Macklemore. Raz Simone isn’t exactly anybody else besides Raz. And with an impressive 2015, it appears the Seattle wordsmith is not slowing down in 2016. Raz has put himself in a position to take over in 2016. It’s Raz Simone and Black Umbrella season. Pretty soon, you’ll ask somebody about rap

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Vinnie DeWayne’s “The St Johns Scholar” In Review

Before hearing any of the songs on The St. John’s Scholar, I saw the album art with the St. John’s Bridge and that made me happy. My relationship with Vinnie Dewayne’s music isn’t at all near that of an expert. I don’t possess any knowledge of the man’s music except my time spent listening to

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Album Review: Wool See’s “LifeAlert”

Coming up with Sandpeople and being immersed in Earth Fire Music’s instrumentals made by the likes of Smoke and Zebulon Dak for your first album, I imagine it didn’t take long for iAMe to get in student mode. And it shows on LifeAlert. When I think of the early to late 2000’s Sandpeople releases, I often

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King Leez Discusses Tacoma, Music, His Future, and Alignment With Black Umbrella

King Leez first came to my attention when he released the Jarv Dee assisted song “Black Rose.” I knew of the name before that, but that was the first time I was introduced to his music. After hearing that song I decided he was one to watch. We got a chance to talk about various topics

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Blunt Raps: A Look Back At Nacho Picasso’s First Release

If an artists’ goal is to show society to itself, the pictures Nacho Picasso paints have definitely achieved this, and depending on who you ask, people either love it or hate it. I don’t know if there is anybody on the fence in concern to Nacho Picasso, the man and the music. This is what

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Album Review: Casino Carpet

With the release of Casino Carpet, Myke Bogan’s future looks bright while he admits he’s right where he’s supposed to be. There aren’t too many rappers who I would like to live vicariously through their lyrics and at the same time believe the stories they tell. Myke Bogan raps with sincerity with personally charged bars