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Otieno Terry Pulls Our Heartstrings With Valentine’s Day Drop, “If I Had Words”

This Valentine’s Day, I received a gift that I absolutely loved. Fortunately, this gift did not include a huge teddy bear, flowers, chocolates, surprise bank account deposits, or any of those bland and cliche V-Day offerings. Instead, I was presented with a Valentine’s Day drop of new single “If I Had Words” from Otieno Terry.

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Bocha Gets Personal In Visual for Album Opener “BLOCK”

Cover Photo by Reclusive. That Portland Produce section is looking pretty promising… At the tail end of November, we received two new projects from the collective. how you like them APPLES? by Donte Thomas, and Thru the GRAPE Vine by Bocha. Both projects contained 10 songs and were released on the same day, November 27,

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Do You Even Lift, Bae? Chi & Jazel Present ‘Love & Lunges’ + TICKET GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: This event has been postponed until a later date. Are you ready to meet your match on the mat? I’ve seen plenty of virtual events in the past 9 months – concerts, fundraisers, live interviews, and more. But this one, well… it’s different.

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New Series: For the Love of Visual Arts

Whether through landmarks, like the awe-inspiring Chihuly Glass Garden, or on smaller niche status, like the clever album artwork coming from some of our own colleagues, it is undeniable that the Pacific Northwest is home to amazing visual art. From the quirky to the dark, from the abstract to the hyperrealistic, our artists seem to

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Feel It: Urban Decay Pt. II – Rasheed Jamal ft. DookDaGenius

Cover photo by Mohammed Alkhadher. In mid May, I pressed play on Rasheed Jamal’s video for “Urban Decay Pt. II,” featuring DookDaGenius. The song is lucky number 7 on Jamal’s album, 22 Grams | iAMTHATiAM. Quite a lot happens within the first minute of the visual.

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To Be Honest, No One Cares – Take it From Marcus McCauley

Cover Photo by Robert Schmeltzer. The first time I cried in a coffee shop, Marcus McCauley made me do it. I was listening to his latest album, No One Cares, intrigued by the fact that he wrote and produced the entire thing.

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To Write, Or Not To Write: Why That Is Not The Question

Music by Rae Khalil. Hello World, It is me, Akunna. I restarted this article hundreds of times in my head before restarting it several times on the screen in front of me. I began to type these words last week. I began to type these words even the week before last week. …But nothing seemed

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Video Premiere: R4PC4MP – “Deep Stay, Gent” (Prod. I Like Animals)

Ahead of their forthcoming album, ​R4PC4MP, (Blake Ambrose + Lucas Dix + @KurntCobain) has added a visual to their arsenal of pre-release presents. (And you’re going to see it here first.) The album, ​TR4PC4MP, features production from Ohio based crew, I Like Animals, and will release this Friday, May 29th. We’ve already received two singles-

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Making a Bold and Blonde Self Declaration, Archie Presents EP, ‘613’

Cover photo by Kalina Cimone. After taking some time for self-reflection, an artist previously known as PSA has reemerged as Archie, presenting a 4-track EP entitled 613. The numerically named-project presents as a fine, 4-act Broadway play. With engaging elegance, Archie walks us through each scene, using her voice as her primary prop. Let’s get

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Mic Capes Aims to Keep the Music Moving With #MicCapesMondays

Cover photo by Samuel Gehrke. #MicCapesMondays Weeks 1-5: 4.13.20 | 4.20.20 | 4.27.20 | 5.4.20 | 5.11.20 “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” It’s an old phrase, but it rings true, and it’s quite relevant right now. As the quarantined days drag on, our sleep cycles remain in shambles, and most of us