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Mike Bars – Oh! (Buried Alive)

I’m a sucker for a good video, and Mike Bars has done it again, pairing a high-quality song with remarkable visuals for his new single, Oh! (off of his latest album, Desperate Measures.)

Rap, sing, direct, write… there’s little Bars can’t do, and he does it all very well. His claim to have completed this video, which plays like a mini-movie and takes advantage of natural PNW environments, for under $100 is pretty impressive as well.

One of the best in the Northwest, Bars shows once again why the fans flock to his music.

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  • Amanda Kulm

    This music video is badass!!

  • Travis Vandehey

    I knew he had great video skills with There Will Be Blood and Grown Folks. Dude is just getting better and better.

  • Jessica Lynn Borrego

    Mike Bars is dope. Im in New Mexico and love his new EP love his older stuff to such an amazing artist. He’s good at what he does for sure! #BarHeadArmy is strong out here.

  • Sharon Harrison

    Mr mike bars is the best out here….thank you for the awesome Write up….I live in southern Kentucky and it is hard to get good tunes or videos here because they either play godly or country….so thank you Mr Bars yet again for another great video