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One Day, It’ll All Make Cents

Hip-Hop has been taking a lot of random left turns lately. I’ve learned recently that new sub-genres have integrated and they belong with the culture whether I like them or not. The newest trends in rap have been centered in trap and mumble rap, grading artists on their following and club potential, rather than musical genius. I’m not saying that the music I write about is the genius that I speak of, but I think this project brought me back to the type of music that I grew up listening to.

I don’t know why Duece decided to drop his newest EP, One Day It’ll All Make Cents, on Valentine’s Day, but the day has come. The seven song project is like having a Hip-Hop refreshment with the breeze of trap season in your face. The EP isn’t about happy vibes, but the nostalgia made me smile a few times.

I picked up Duece in Portland one night a while back. He played the EP for me in the car, but I didn’t really see it as an entire project at the time. After listening for the third time, I had a few questions for him.

Was The Mowgli your favorite Disney character, or did you see The Jungle Book as a unique theme to create a play on words?

The Jungle Book was not my favorite. My favorite Disney joint is probably Aladdin, then Lion King. Jungle Book is up there though.I chose Mowgli because he was an orphan raised by wolves. That was the closest thing to being raised in Oakland to me. It’s a rough area with few opportunities. It can turn you into an animal and do things you didn’t think you’d do.

My favorite track was Wedding Ring, until I sat down and listened to Rap Doe again. I like this track for a number of reasons. I was with Duece right after he signed to Front Page Music. We went to Fogo De Chao, and yes he really did “throw a hundred dollar tip like it was a ten dollar bill”.

Anyone ever told you that you sound like Atlanta trap music? And by trap music, I mean that TI Trap Muzik type of shit!

Yeah, I agree. I love TI and have been a fan since “I’m Serious”. I listen to a lot of ATL music. It sounds a little New York in the breaks and kind of Big Sean at the end to me, but I’ve been told that the track sounds like a lot of things. It’s an overall rap track.

Unwilling is the feature track on the Cents EP. You should’ve heard this track already so I’m not going to say much about it. All I can say is that I thought the song was average until I watched the video. The visuals really brought the idea together, allowing me to cherish the audio. I’ll let the video (dropped today) speak for itself though. Check it out.

Singing is very uncomfortable for rappers. It feels like the cold water plunge. Did you feel vulnerable singing about personal stuff?

Nah, I just wrote it how I felt it. I finished writing it in about 20 minutes after letting my young homie Joyntz hear the idea, he up next. Him and Lang gave me a few ideas, they both have writers credits on that song.

Why should we prefer black and white, instead of silver screens?

Because it’s tough enough trying to make it. Dealing with shady motives is something we all face, but shouldn’t have to. I wish I didn’t have to, I can’t imagine what Dame goes through. This song is a double on the concept of Hollywood. People call you Hollywood for trying to do good for your life. The other half is people not being for you but for themselves. They’re not black and white with their motives, they’re silver screens.

Until It’s Over is a strong track to end on. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever heard a firm political stance from you on a song. Is this your Hip-Hop stamp on the end of the EP?

I think so, same with Unwilling too. I just wanted to give all sides of me on this EP.

Overall, I think this was a decent EP. Each song seems like a separate tale, all of which painting the final picture of Brookfield Duece. The only track that I feel falls short is Pressure Makes Diamonds. I REALLY like the beat, but feel like the repetitive lyric structure took away from the instrumental and didn’t do it justice. My top three favorites, in order, are Rap Doe, Wedding Ring and Unwilling. Those songs hold the EP together, the remaining four tie it together.

I’m going to start rating the projects I post about with a 1-5 “Out Here” rating. I’m going this off by giving the Cents EP a score of 3.5 “Out Here’s” out of 5.

I enjoyed the EP because it took me back to a place that sparked my love for Hip-Hop. I also think it’s an accurate depiction of Duece. He has a skill with self reflecting and conveying it in a proper way. Listen to the EP for yourself and let him know what you think at BrookfieldDuece.Com.

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