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Miss Lopez Media Fav Projects of 2016

I picked my favorite projects of 2016: Mic Capes with Concrete Dreams, Donte Thomas with Grayscale, and ROBy with Cartoon Summers ’16. I caught up with all 3 artists, asked them some questions about what happened in 2016, whats next, and took some fresh shots!  

Below, I’ll talk about why I picked each album, and also some Q’s and A’s with each artist. Enjoy!

Concrete Dreams is the album I’ve been waiting for from Capes. Mic comes with some real ass lyrics about his life growing up. Some beautiful words for black women and even some turn up songs (5 Finger Discount is one of my fav songs on the album) I keep saying this but it’s been inspiring to watch Mic grow as an artist. He’s changed the way the city views Hip Hop by being his authentic self. Cannot wait to see what happens for him in 2017!


Q: What’s happened since you dropped your project personally/business wise?

A: Well my album “Concrete Dreams” was voted #1 hip hop album out of Portland for 2016. I sold my first 100 hard copies pretty fast after it doing pretty good digitally on the internet. I’ve been getting recognition and notoriety from all angles. I’m just really grateful ( to do) what I set out to do with this album, it is all happening. I really have heard nothing bad about the album and that’s weird for me because I gravitate towards wanting to hear constructive criticism. God is good!


Q: What’s your next step? Tour?

A: Tour in the summer hopefully, but before that it’s getting back into writing and targeting all age and shows outside of the city. A lot more but I gotta keep that a secret for now.

Q: What’s the craziest or dopest thing that a fan has said or done since the project came out?

A: Actually, one of the dopest situations was someone named Robin Wolfe emailing and telling me they listen to my music to lift them up and to deal with bad migraines they have. That’s why I do this, to heal people through this music and uplift. So much love goes out to Robin, Thank you! Outside of that, at every show I’ve had there’s always been someone that will tell me to keep going with this music and to never give up bc this is what I was made for. I receive that and this shit don’t stop!


Grayscale showed to me how much Donte has grown as a artist. I feel like he stepped out of his comfort zone and that’s always important. I feel like this project is just the beginning, just a small taste of what’s to come for Donte.


Q: What’s happened since you dropped your project personally/business wise?

A: A lot has happened actually, it’s crazy just thinking about it. Since I released “Grayscale”, I sold out my first headliner, performed with a live band, connected with the owner of VOODOO Donuts (Dawgy Donuts coming soon?), booked shows each month for the rest of 2016 & the start of 2017, received the highest ranked Hip-Hop album by The Oregonian, a few Top 5 acknowledgments by Willamette Weekly, an interview with DJ Klyph, the 107.5 Penthouse Party…hell, DJ Bonics of WE96.3 has been shouting me out during the day/night, and I have a few more surprises I can’t exactly spill the beans on yet.

Q: What’s your next step? Tour?

A: I was offered a few tour opportunities, but I haven’t quite locked anything in. My next step…. can’t even say. You’ll just have to wait and see. With me, you’ll never know what’s next. 


Q: What’s the craziest or dopest thing that a fan has said or done since the project came out?

A: Fans have been crazy since the album released. I’ve had people draw pictures of me, buy me bottles of Hennessy, you name it. But I think the craziest thing a fan did was….. buy my album.


Last but definitely not least Cartoon Summers ’16. I love vibing out to this album, it feels like summer (and I love summer) so thank you for that ROBy. ROBy has a lot to say on this album. “A white man rape and girl and he must be crazy/ A brother know his rights and he so fugazi/ That’s why everything I do is fuck you pay me” is a line from one of my favorite songs on the album, Cartoon Summers.

Q: What’s happened since you dropped your project personally/business wise?

A: I got to travel off of cartoon summers. I went to Dominican Republic and sold out back to back shows with over 850 people in attendance both nights. I’ve gotten bigger blog sites posting my music (HipHopDX, ThisIs50.com….). I’ve been involved in concerts and charity events locally to end the year. I learned to stay focused through adversity and learned how to market myself better. I shot a video in Vegas and networked in Los Angeles and New York on my promotional run. Also have new management now.

Q: What’s your next step? Tour?

A: My next move is simply staying focused in the studio, continue making some of my best music. I have 3 music videos on the way. Look forward to a EP I’m releasing sometime this spring produced by Ton Jungir. Me and Donte Thomas are working on a EP produced by Stewart Villain. CS17 will keep me rolling over the summer time and then I plan to drop my debut album at the top of 2018. As far as it stands, I won’t be performing in Portland this year. I want my next show to be special and anticipated. 

Q: What’s the craziest or dopest thing that a fan has said or done since the project came out? A: Someone who has been a fan of mine since 2010 reached out and told me the craziest thing. Messaged me and said “you’re my favorite rapper of all time, Ive been listening to you almost everyday for over 5 years and it gets me through the day”. He was a very good kid, but recently I got the bad news that he got stabbed in his own house party and died at the age of 20. I will never forget him. Rest In Peace Avi Feldman.


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