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Willamette Week Discusses The Upcoming “X-Ray” Web Series

Matt Singer might be a gentrifying Californian (his words, not mine!), but he sure does a great job putting on for local music and the related arts.

His latest work is a high-level review of how X-Ray – an upcoming web series peddling the fictional tale of an underground Portland rapper – came to be. Gathering info from director Seena Haddad of Rostam Productions, leading actor Fountaine, and myself, the Willamette Week’s music editor puts to paper some of the untold details involved in the long, difficult project, explains why it’s so important to Portland, when it drops, and how it’s nothing like Empire. (I don’t think Empire was even on the air when we started filming this.)

But don’t spend too much time reading my notes, go right to the article and dig in. #OutHere

Cover photo by Brenda Vaughn for WOHM

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