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Raz Simone is the Freshest In The NW!

It really should come as no surprise that Raz Simone is our #1. Cognative Dissonance is fire, his partnership with Lyor Cohen is remarkable, and his current 52 city tour is unarguably dope. Big questions about what Raz is going to do next and just how much he’ll do with his content company hovered about, but the panel was unanimous in agreeing that Raz’s achievements over the last 8 months propelled the clever lyricist to the top spot.

From not even on the list last year, to topping it this year… Congratulations to Raz Simone, the Freshest In The Northwest!

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  • WerdTwo

    I called it!! Also Frank Shoulda been topping hella cats on here

  • brandon

    If only 2 portland cats could get spots on the list then it shouldn’t be luck and tope. No disrespect to them but theres much more deserving artists. #1 illmaculate. He is the WORLD rap battle champion and is on tour right now across the US. #2 Myke Bogan. Can luck or tope headline and SELL OUT a show in any city at all? Myke b can and has done it multiple times. He also has a bigger fan base and is newer and if you guys said he had the most fan votes how did he not get on? Oh well, everyone has their opinions, This list just didn’t make much sense this year. I Feel portland got robbed!

    • onetime

      I agree. Illmac not making the list is of head scratching purportions. But Myke Bogan ain’t really a NW cat. He’s born n raised in Cali and is a recent transplant. He’s nice but not in there for me. If I had to pick a Soar Loser to make it a be V Dwayne. He has bi coastal cred n is from the Town bnr.

    • Mac Smiff

      I also felt Illmac should have placed, but that WORLD rap championship is not relevant as the list looks at the last 6-8 months, thus the FRESHEST… not the most accomplished. Luck currently has a weekly on 2DopeBoyz and yeah, he’s sold out his last 3 shows in PDX. Tope has sold out shows in PDX too and was on tour with Sol and Zion I this year. Both placements are legit if you ask me. Myke’s dope too, but I’m not sure he hits anywhere in the NW besides Portland and Boise.

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