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Tre Redeau’s Hit “Rounds” Pulled From YouTube By Producer, Brandon Dean

UPDATE: In case you didn’t notice, Rounds has been restored on YouTube and the 15,000+ plays carried over. BKnock text me to let WOHM know that all is good. If you haven’t checked out the hit track by #SoarLosers’ Tre Redeau yet, I’d suggest getting on it. Happy to hear the parties involved came to an agreement and gave us our music back.


Mar 4, 2014: One of our most popular posts of 2014 recently took a hit as Portland artist Tre Redeau‘s video for his single Rounds was pulled from YouTube yesterday at the request of the song’s listed producer, Brandon Dean aka BKnock. Tre was quick to post about it on Instagram, as did Stewart Villain, another member of the Soar Losers collective. Tre later deleted the following IG post:

Redeau indicated that a personal disagreement between the two (former?) friends led to the derailment of the song, which had amassed over 15,000 before it was pulled. Asked if he purchased the beat, he indicated that he had not, but that the song was made for him on his own computer.

Dean responded with the following statement:  “At this point, I’m not trying to air dirty laundry or stir things up. As the producer of the music, I had a right and a very valid reason for doing what I did. I feel that what happened is between me & Tre. I know why I did what I did and Tre knows why I did it. I appreciate you reaching out but I don’t want to go into anymore detail at this time. Thanks.”

Well until they work this out – and I hope they do –  my suggestion to the Soar Losers is to start rapping on Stewart Villain’s beats and leave everyone else alone. This is not the first scandal over a hot beat that they’ve been a part of… Might be time to keep it in the fam.

If you’ve never seen Rounds, you can still check it out on Vimeo… at least for now.

Tre Redeau – “Rounds” from TimSlew on Vimeo. #OutHere

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  • Andre Jemison

    Not sure what happened here, but I hope it gets resolved quick. This song/video is too good.